FPQ90: Eyes on the Prize


Fandango provocatively asks today how we feel about blog “awards” and why.

PCGuyIV’s post on the subject reflects my thoughts ~ don’t much care for “awards” these days. This in no way denigrates my blogging buddies who have previously nominated me for an “award.” I appreciate when someone thinks of me! 😍

The reason I put “award” in quotes is because it’s not actually an award, as we all know. As PC observes, it’s a chain letter, and chain letters, like all MLM schemes, have one point: to accumulate goodies at the top of the chain. In this case, the goodies are links back to the “award” originator to boost his or her views. This is why early on I quit linking back to the original. I linked only to the blogger who nominated me.

That’s one issue. The other is that in general “awards” contain too many questions and they’re boring. How many times am I gonna jabber on about why I started blogging or do I prefer tea or coffee or whatever silly thing that no one actually cares about? Bleh. Rory with his Friday Four and Melanie with her Share Your World have the right idea: four interesting questions. That’s enough! 👍🏻

I have noticed that many bloggers dislike “awards” and/or won’t respond, so at a certain point I quit nominating people even if I was okay with answering the questions. Then I started skipping more and more of the noms myself. (No offense, as I said.) I was thinking the other day that I haven’t seen one in my feed for a while, and I’d like to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for contributing to their absence. 🤩

Bitmoji stars


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8 responses to “FPQ90: Eyes on the Prize

  1. Yeah, i think most of my group (we all kinda overlap in places, don’t we?) are award-free. I’m like you, I appreciate the thought but the “awards” are Meh…
    Thank you, Paula for your efforts in creating an “award” free zone. To honor your diligent work, I offer a virtual cupcake🧁.

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  2. Yeah, the so called awards were fun at first, and I enjoyed them. But … I’m done with it for all the same reasons. 🙂

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  3. They do seem to have died down lately. I thought it a bit much when that Vincent dude recently started one named after himself. Part of what I liked about the awards back in my early days was spreading the love, not shameless self-promotion.

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  4. Can’t find anything to disagree with in this post.

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