FPQ89: Karma Chameleon


Fandango provocatively asks…

Do you believe in karma (or a similar “reap what you sow” notion)? Why or why not?

I have a karma-ish belief. It’s more of the reap/sow Christian idea than the Eastern wheel/reincarnation structure. We can observe that actions have consequences, and some of the consequences take years to be fully realized. This isn’t a woo belief; it’s just logic.

Some people seem to lie in wait for karma to “strike” those they dislike, but it’s not always going to be observable. You’re not going to see every ruthless, selfish, greedy person crashing publicly to a terrible end. But many do suffer, which is why they’re so nasty. Pain, whether physical or emotional, can make people act badly toward others. We can infer their suffering by their behavior.

Perhaps more importantly, large-scale results occur after groups of people behave in a similar way. Again, they may take years to actualize, and even then are open to our interpretation. Look at this plague, forex, and how it’s affecting peeps/culture. We certainly haven’t been respecting the earth much lately, and I’m not the only one who “joked” last year that Mother Nature finds ways to rid herself of vast numbers of pesky humans from time to time….

However much we fantasize about karma as a vengeful goddess who smites our enemies, though, it mostly doesn’t work that way. But we can console ourselves that bad people who hurt others/animals often do get hurt at some point as a result of their own behavior. Karma however is more of a long game, group punishment idea (to me). We’re all going to suffer as the logical results take shape from the actions of a powerful few…


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12 responses to “FPQ89: Karma Chameleon

  1. I used to believe in karma many moons ago, I am not sure how I feel about it now though.

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  2. I believe in a mish mash mosh of all of it. Past lives, reaping what you sow, good vibrations vs bad intentions. I like your answer. 😻

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  3. My girlfriend is very spiritual, high vibrational, sees the logic in reincarnation and the purposes of our time here on Earth to teach us; and if we refuse to learn (free will) we get another go-round in some form or other, as many as we need. That’s karma. Makes sense to me, but I have a history of absorbing the beliefs of others. Plus my mother believes in all that too so it seems I’m doomed either to finally get me some enlightenment or come back as a neurotic engineer again.

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  4. Yes, I agree. It’s not instant, at least not usually. But it is there sooner or later.

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  5. “You’re not going to see every ruthless, selfish, greedy person crashing publicly to a terrible end.”

    That’s too bad. I’d love to see the ruthless, selfish, greedy Donal Trump publicly crash to a terrible end.

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  6. Karma is just a score card and makes more sense if you believe in reincarnation, which is what karma is tied to. I have found that all the clues you need to work out what your debts/issues are can be found in your current lifetime; no need for past life regression. As for people getting what they deserve, they do. On a grand scale, with or without reincarnation, nobody escapes unscathed – or irredeemable.

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