Truthful Tuesday Halloween


PCGuyIV continues his series by asking us if we think Halloween should be “canceled” this year because of the plague, and more specifically if people should trick-or-treat.

I don’t think Halloween should be canceled. People can dress up, take pics, have parties over Zoom, and post to social media. Isn’t the whole point of Halloween (for adults) to end up with sexy and/or stupid photos to stick on Instagram or wherever? That can be done safely this year… just don’t get together in person.

Regarding trick-or-treating… that can be done safely. Dress up and wear masks. Hang with your “pod” only and stay 6 feet away from everyone else. People can put their candy outside, watch the cute kids from the window, and wave. As far as teenagers taking all the candy, just put it away at 8pm. The little kids should be done by then anyway.

I don’t see why Halloween should be dumped at all. It’s pretty easy to make a few changes and stay safer. 🎃


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12 responses to “Truthful Tuesday Halloween

  1. The public health officer here is saying that Halloween can be a go with the same kind of setup that you mentioned.

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  2. Two things happened.

    1) My party culture went away with a) The Breakup and b) The Plague.

    2) I got old.

    Thus, I don’t really GAF, though I agree the gummint doesn’t need to come in and try to cancel anything.

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  3. Ben cant wait for “begging for candy” as I call it. He doesn’t even care about the candy, he just likes to dress up and walk around at night and visit people.🎃
    That sound kinda creepy, huh?😯

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  4. This year is going to be indeed different, I don’t even have the desire to celebrate Halloween anymore😢
    Great post, new friend here!!

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  6. No need to cancel Halloween! The little ones will be okay with smart supervision. And a lot of home owners have come up with new, safe and unique ways of handing out candy this year. I seen one house with a long Halloween decorated pipe running down on top of his front porch railing. I guess they shoot the goodies down to the kids below, while standing at a safe distance up on their porch. Great Ideas like that and trick or treating, in my opinion, should be no problem!

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