Memory Container [socs]

Kaleidoscope colorful patterns

The mind makes only a mediocre container for memories. Some sneak out the door the day they arrive, crafty as a cat, while others drip down the drain in a slow leak. When you search for them all you find is debris. Some memories mutate every time you examine them and never appear the same way twice. My mind used to have a large storage area for facts, stacked neatly, easily accessible during tests, but I visited the warehouse recently and everything had been cleaned out. Helloooo, I called, but there was only an echo. Old memories turn up like random socks stuck in a sleeve. Hey! What are you doing in there? There are times I am absolutely certain of the accuracy of a memory, but it’s wrong. Then there are feeling memories… how I felt when something occurred, and how I perceived someone else’s feelings. These are hopelessly tangled up like a pile of crazy string. What if I only think I felt something because I used it in a poem, but it transformed in my imagination? Can I revert back to the original? I need to visit the Container Store!


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14 responses to “Memory Container [socs]

  1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  2. I also used mind as an analogy to a container.

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  3. You know that drawer in the kitchen–the one with the scissors, some AA batteries, the instructions for the stove, about three rubber bands, the small plastic thing that probably goes with something but you don’t know what, a flashlight that requires vigorous shaking in order to work, five of those bulldog picture hangers, but only three nails for them, two keys, one for the back door, one unknown, the “solar powered” calculator with the defective “3” button, a screw driver and a dead smoke detector–that drawer? That’s my mind.

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  4. I especially like the socks-in-sleeve analogy!

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  5. Really, nicely done Paula, it reminded me of a scene from Coyote Ugly when Violet and Kevin are lying on the bonnet of his car and she recounts a memory of her mother … it had that same flow to it. Sadly, when l tried to find the scene from the movie itself ….. erm, l couldn’t quite remember where it was … but no matter it’ll come back to me – probably at 4.02am tomorrow morning 🙂

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