Procrastination… [socs]

Writing quill ink

Fiction is my jam and fires my imagination, though I often take a vacation into poetry, which I can write much faster than a novel. The construction of characters, plot, and setting is a delicate operation because all three elements must merge in a believable and interesting combination. Even a fantasy world must follow its own rules; readers will pick up on any violation and feel separation from the story. Right now, I’ve been working on a novel for a few years and the current distancing situation has given me more free time to write. Inspiration is easy; motivation can be tougher. I always have things to say, but I’m not always in the mood to function as my own scribe. I excel at procrastination and my attention wanders away from the keyboard. But I’ll get there eventually and have another work in my collection for your selection or rejection.

Writer laptop


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11 responses to “Procrastination… [socs]

  1. CongratulaTIONs on all of your “tions.” Well done. 👏

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  2. Congratulations on working so many -tion words into your narration. Also, may I mention that I also have issues with motivation and procrastination.😉💓

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  3. I think that you should get the new laptop, as it can’t hurt.

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  4. A great post on-tion

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  5. I believe that motivation is agnostic to whatever device you are writing to. By all means, get the new laptop. You will enjoy it, and you deserve it.

    I also believe that motivation is organic. It happens spontaneously. When you become motivated, which I think you will, the words will start pouring out. But not because of the new laptop. I saw that Michael Cohen wrote most of his book in prison. Since he did not have access to a computer, it was written on notepads. Pen and ink.

    On the other hand, one never knows what event will reignite the creative juices. The contrarian response to my contrarian response is that perhaps the shiny new laptop will be the catalyst to do that!

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