5 Fave Burgers

Five things kittens

Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things series by asking about our favorite burgers this week.

1. My most favorite burger isn’t on a bun ~ it’s a patty melt! Burger patties with grilled onions and melted cheese on grilled rye bread. Traditional cheese is Swiss, but I don’t like Swiss. American cheese, please! Mr. Food shares this image.

Patty melt

2. My next favorite burger is on a bun, but it’s a portobello mushroom not a hamburger patty. I like cheese on this one too, along with sauce. This one I found on Foodie Crush has avocado chimichurri. Not sure what that is, but it looks delicious!


3. Staying in the veggie family, next up is a burger I do at home. It’s a spicy black bean burger… and I like to melt a blob of brie cheese on it, yummm! Serve with pickles on a toasted English muffin. So good. Also good with guacamole if I don’t have brie. (Image from Target.)

Black bean burger

4. Back to mushrooms… I occasionally grab a Five Guys beef burger with American cheese, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and a pile of grilled mushrooms. Mmm… (Image found on Reddit.)

Mushroom burger

5. Finally… a Bic Mac! Yep, I really do like these, though I don’t have them very often. So tasty. (Image from McDonald’s.)

Big Mac

And there you have it. Now you can go on with your day… betcha might feel like a burger later, huh? I know I will! 😋


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16 responses to “5 Fave Burgers

  1. I’m getting major cheeseburger cravings by looking at this post!

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  2. We share two of the five as our favorites

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  3. Patty melts are great! I prefer the American chese, too, but Swiss is oetty good on occasion. The guy who ran the grill at Northwestern when I was there (’74-’76) used to make a really good one.

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  4. Now I want a burger! It’s been forever since I had a 5 Guys, but they are so good! And those fries – yum! 🙂

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  5. The black bean burger sounds totally delicious, especially with brie on it.

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  6. I’m totally with you on the party melt! Absolutely the BEST!
    I want one now, dang it!

    Big Macs are occasionally good. They were better when they were greasier. If you’re gonna get fast food, the meat should be a little greasy, IMO.

    I’m surprised you didn’t choose a Double Double, Animal Style… not a fan?

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  7. You’re right. I’m hungry now 😩


  8. Yes now I’m craving a burger.😁 I love cheese on mine and that first one does look yummy.


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