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Song Lyric Sunday

Thanks once again to our tuneful host Jim Adams for providing this week’s prompt. It’s a good one… perhaps too good. I kept going back and forth about which song to use, since there are so many musicals I love. Chicago, Fiddler, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Grease, Mamma Mia (1 & 2), Walk the Line, Footloose, etc. But I’m gonna go with Hair and one of my favorite songs from that show is “Easy To Be Hard.” The lyrics are evergreen, imo, targeting people who devote themselves to causes and neglect their own families.

This song came out in 1967 with the musical. It was written by Gail MacDermot, James Rado and Gerome Ragni, and it was sung by Lynn Kellogg in the role of Sheila on stage. In the movie version, it was sung by Cheryl Barnes (see vid). Three Dog Night covered it in their 1969 album Suitable for Framing. TDN’s version reached #4 on Billboard Hot 100 and was ranked 33 for that year (1969).

Easy To Be Hard

How can people be so heartless
How can people be so cruel
Easy to be hard
Easy to be cold

How can people have no feelings
How can they ignore their friends
Easy to be proud
Easy to say no

Especially people who care about strangers
Who care about evil and social injustice
Do you only care about being proud
How about I need a friend, I need a friend

How can people be so heartless
You know I’m hung up on you
Easy to be proud
Easy to say no […]


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Image credit to Jim Adams

13 responses to “SLS ~ Song from a Musical

  1. I never saw the movie or the play, but I love this song as it is so beautiful. I do know the three dog Night version, but I think I like this one better, as Cheryl Barnes really puts her heart into this.

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  2. I’ve never heard this by anyone but Three Dog Night. It’s a lot different when you see it as part of the film…

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  3. 😢 50 years and it’s still the same. Hair always makes me cry.
    Thanks for making me cry, Paula.😝

    Stay cool today! Fingers crossed you don’t get any fires.🤞

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    • I cry at the end of the movie when they show all the graves…

      Yeah, the weather is awful. For me, more the bad air quality than the heat itself. Besides triggering migraines, it also triggers massive allergies

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      • ☹ Gatsby needs to purr you into feeling better!😻
        Hope those awful “M” word things stay away! I’m happier to be free of my ex, but the “M” are a very close 2nd. They’re awful. I can’t imagine having clogged sinuses while the right side of my head is trying to explode and lightning is shooting from my eyeballs…
        Hope you dodge all the yuckies!🤞💕

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  4. Wow! what a voice …

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  5. I loved the movie but didn’t remember the song. So powerful! I loved it ☺️
    Thanks for sharing 🥰

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  6. I didn’t see this movie! Sounds like a real tear jerker! Why indeed, do people have to be “jackasses”. Pretty appropriate with what our country and the world is dealing with right now. This applies to life, not just relationships! 🙂

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  7. I love Hair! I need to watch the movie or the show as I know the soundtrack by hot. This is a great song!


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