5 in the Kitchen

Five kittens

Dr. Tanya continues her prompt this week asking about the #5Things I absolutely must have in my kitchen.

I’ve actually lived without a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave at various times, but not all three at once…

1. Fridge. I like milk in coffee/tea and a place to store veggies, condiments, and leftovers, not to mention a freezer for ice and veggie burgers.

2. A sink with hot and cold water. I don’t use bottled water, so I need water for my iced teas and hot drinks too. And kitties need fresh water. I don’t mind washing dishes in nice hot water, so I’ll leave off a dishwasher (rarely use mine). 🐱🐱

3. A microwave. Yep, I have gone without, but that’s no fun. I’d rather have this than a stove/oven if I have to choose!

4. Mugs for hot tea/coffee. Can put cold drinks, soup, ice cream, cereal, etc., in them as well. I could exist with paper plates and plastic utensils, though I’d cringe at all the waste, but I need my mugs.

5. Now I’m stuck. If I say a pan to make a grilled cheese, then what about a stove? If I say a stove, but have no pans, what good is that? Eff them both… I’ll make quesadillas in the microwave and choose something else for the last item. How about this?

Sexy male chef

Mmm, now I’m hungry…


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19 responses to “5 in the Kitchen

  1. Very practical choice!

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  2. Milk is always my rate-limiting step when it comes to grocery store trips. I love tea, and I want milk in my tea, so procrastination isn’t acceptable when it comes to getting milk.

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  3. Haha well chosen items!!

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  4. I wouldn’t mind that last choice😂

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  5. But hungry for what? Hmmmm????

    Our oven is on the fritz and I’m not dealing with a repair person while Ben is home, so we’re doing just fine with a zapper and a toaster oven. I need my coffee maker. Instant coffee is acceptable in a dire emergency but not for every day.

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  6. I too must have a microwave, but have no dishwasher. One person and one sink don’t need one. Other must haves: Electric kettle and egg cooker. Am actually replacing my kettle today. The egg cooker I have saves water and guesswork.

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