More Opposites

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Welcome to this week’s episode of Truthful Tuesday!

What’s something that seemingly everyone else just can’t stop talking about that you just never got in to, and why not?

The second question for the week is pretty much the exact opposite of the first:

What’s something that you hold near and dear, but it seems as though no-one else has heard about it, or at the very least, has no interest in it?

1. Here are some things that a lot of people enjoy but I don’t care about at all. Sports. Reality shows. Almost all TV series. Political debates. Award shows.

Why not? They’re all so boring. I don’t feel engaged nor do I care about the outcome.

2. Here are some things I like that most people aren’t interested in. Romance novels. Jigsaw puzzles. Board games. OCD symmetry. Thinking about numbers…


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14 responses to “More Opposites

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  2. Do you have a favorite piece that you like to be when you play Monopoly? Mine is the thimble.

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  3. At least I agree with you about most of #1

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  4. My S.O. is writing a book about hemoglobin. Yes. It will be a fine book, introducing a new model of the functioning of hemoglobin as it acquires oxygen molecules and carbon dioxide molecules and releases either. I could go on and on. And on. And on. I find this exquisitely interesting. Not sure why I’m talking about it in this comment, I like it so much.

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  5. 1) Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Lord of the Rings. 2) Chocolate???

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  6. I do sometimes feel like such an odd duck: I don’t watch cooking, home improvement, travel, reality shows… Basically the usual non-fiction stuff of modern TV. I do love jigsaw puzzles and inspired by you, found myself an app. My dream is to have a space with a huge table so I can lay out one of those 5000 piece thingies.

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