The Monday Peeve 50

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the TMP tag, link back to me (or not), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen. I have feelings!

First, let me say WOOHOO and thank you for sticking with me to my 50th Monday Peeve! Couldn’t have done it without you, for what good is a bitch session if no one is around to nod in sympathy? Second, if you’re thinking, gosh, she’s complained about so many things already… is she really gonna be able to make it to 100 peeves? Fear not! I will manage to scrape up 50 more things to complain about, no problem.

Third, it’s time for today’s peeve, which is my freaking car fob battery changing ORDEAL. First (starting over with firsts now), I didn’t even know these things had batteries… I thought they were powered by car fairy sparkle vibes or something. Never thought about it… why would I? No fob has ever stopped working for me before. I assumed it broke and I’d have to buy a complete new one for hundreds of dollars. But a friend told me they have batteries and you can change them easy peasy. LOL

Second (this is the second thing after the first thing from the third thing, okay?), I happened to find a spare fob while I was looking for something else, so I figured AHA this one will work and no need to deal with batteries. But it didn’t work. I guess it was programmed to die at the same time my first fob died. ANYWAY, my clever son-in-law (well, they’re both clever, but I’m just talking about the older clever one right now) sent me a link to buy new batteries from Amazon, since there are like a zillion choices and I didn’t want to take the fob apart to look. Why not? I don’t know! Scary!

The new batteries came… and like I said, it was scary to think about taking the fobs apart. What if I wrecked something? But I got tired of unlocking my door with the key ~ GAH SO MUCH WORK ~ so finally I said to myself, self, we’re gonna change the damn batteries. Obviously, the first thing to do was open the package of batteries. OH MY GOD! Why do they make the package so hard to open?!? It was beyond ridiculous how these things were sealed up. And after you open them there’s a note saying not to eat them. DAFUQ?

Finally, I was ready to take apart the fob, which as you may know entails wedging in a screwdriver and falooping the whole thing apart. Clearly, some brilliant engineers decided this was the best way to design a key fob. Inside, there’s another SEKRIT compartment that also has to be wedged open with a tool. Finally… TA DA… the battery! I put the fob upside down to remove the battery and all the little widgets fell out. Another brilliant design going on here… make the indicators separate from the whole piece and they’re just wobbling there, unattached to anything. You know what I mean ~ the door open, door lock, trunk lift, etc. ~ all those were plastic whatsits that fell out of their spots. Luckily, I had my SECOND FOB to look at and fix the thing back up.

Then of course I had to do it all over again with fob number two (and the thingies fell out again)… so INSANE! I was positive after all this that the beepies would fail to beep, but they did beep. Everything works fine. The widgets are firmly back in place too after being tightly sealed up with the contraption. But this is why people keep trading their cars in every three years, I understand now. They want to make sure they have a new fob before the old one dies.

Image altered from the original found at Pixabay

38 responses to “The Monday Peeve 50

  1. Haha, this was clever ending.

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  2. Oh my goodness that would be so stressful! Glad you got it sorted
    My Monday peeve would be trying to do Dr appointments over the phone or by email. It’s hard to get meaning and tone in an email.

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  3. I can relate to this, but add that old arthritic fingers hate tasks like this.

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  4. That’s a legit peeve! I’m glad things worked out. Happy Monday!

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  5. I had battery problems over the weekend also, but my problems were in the smoke detectors. There was no smoke, but the damn things all started beeping in unison (there are 5 in the house) as they must be connected some how. They take 9 volt batteries, those rectangular shaped ones with the snap connector at the top. I had to get the ladder from the garage and drag it all around the house to change everyone before they stopped beeping.

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  6. Frustrating, but still funny how you told it. Glad you got it all sorted. We’ve never had one of those fob things, so taking one apart and having the insides fall out sure sounds like a mess! 🙂 ‘sekrit compartment – hahaha’

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  7. It’s so funny to think back in the day we didn’t have fobs, electric windows, etc., but there’s no way I’d put up with not having them now.

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    • Omg so true! To open my trunk, I had to unlock the driver’s door and pull the latch. When did they quit putting a regular key-lock on trunks???


    • I used to own a 1972 Chevy Impala that was so big, if I wanted to roll the passenger side window up or down, I would have to pull over, unfasten the seat belt, and scoot over a little in order to reach the window crank. I am a big fan of electric windows–an improvement over the old technology. Retina peeling blue headlights, no. Bells and whistles to alert me that I haven’t yet put my seat belt on because I prefer to start the car before I do all that stuff, no. The GPS itself, yeah, good idea to always have a map handy. Turn-by-turn instructions from it, no.
      The list, as they say, goes on and on.

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  8. The whole fob thing is a multi-layered ergonomic disaster. What you said, plus the very fact that it enables one to verify , apparently, that the door is locked by re-pressing the lock button to make the horn honk–like, I’m sorry, I was raised by Sesame Street episodes and my attention span and short term memory is down to three heartbeats–and then, last but NOT LEAST, the fact that when I put my jeans on and sit down and bend over to tie my shoes, the two quarters in my pocket press up against the trunk lid button so that when I look at my car hours later, the trunk lid is open.
    I think you may have covered these, but in my opinion it cannot be emphasized enough.

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  9. 😂 😂 You’ve got me laughing all by myself. People are beginning to think I’m weird which in its self is weird because I always say I’m weird. Anyways I love your post. I’ll read a couple more just to get the hang of it before I begin my own ranting Monday sessions… 😂

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  10. Amazing commitment, inspiring

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  11. And here I am, all old school and opening Baby’s door with my KEY. When I lock her keys IN there, ah, now. I wish I had a fob thingie, but then wouldn’t it be locked inside too?? O_o Yeah. Sucks to be me. I guess I’ll survive without a fob. But now I feel strangely diminished somehow…. 😉 Back in a few with my own peeve, which you reminded me of whilst reading YOURS. Thank you!!

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  12. They used to say that rich people decided it was time to buy a new car when the ash trays got dirty. But now that cars no longer have ash trays, I guess it’s when the fob battery dies. Good thing cars are not made by Apple, otherwise the battery and the fob would not be replaceable!

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  13. Sounds like terrible design! I don’t own a car (nor drive any more) so all these modern thingamajiggers to open and start cars are one of life’s mysteries now. (And 50 Mondays? Almost a full year??? Time flies!!!)

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  15. Lucky for you that you have an actual key. When my Prius clicker thingy battery gets low, my car won’t start. There’s a metal rod thingy that comes out of the clicker thingy that can open the doors and it might make the car go, but I haven’t read the entire manual.
    Also, the dealership will overcharge you for a battery but they’ll put it in for you if you look all “helpless and lost”😘

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  16. Effing Fobs! I am sorry but I did actually laugh when reading this rant! Packaging that is impossible to open I presume is to deter shop lifters or small children. Ghastly!

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