Dog Days Trifecta

Three horses trifecta

Okay, so I had a bit of a life and missed the weekend Dog Days. I hope this isn’t why Fandango is thinking of taking a hiatus. I’M SORRY EVERYONE! It’s all my fault. 😢

First, let me tell you why writing matters to me (FDDA22). It’s because via writing I get to hang out with cool characters like the aforementioned Fandango. We’d never have “met” any other way, and even if I’d run into him accidentally, we wouldn’t be sharing our thoughts the way we do here, in writing. And the same goes for the rest of y’all I’ve been chilling with in Blogland and even before on Usenet and in other venues. Sure, it’s fun to dabble in fiction and poetry too, but the main reason I stick with writing in a blog, as opposed to tweets and FB updates, is due to the interaction.

Second, I truly enjoy creating characters (FDDA23), and when I write I am my own creation. Not that I am lying (necessarily!) when I post, but I can tune the mood and make happenings sound more dramatic or interesting. I play with words and tone and pacing. Do I want to assume the persona of a loving grandmother or a snarky beyotch? Would I rather appear awkwardly funny or smoothly competent? It’s easy to switch characters when I blog and still maintain credibility. Not so easy in real life, where I prefer to stay consistent.

Third, speaking of characters, here’s a fun fact about me. Back when I was dating (barf), I sometimes created… interesting characters in certain situations. Forex, I was in a long-term penpal relationship with a married man who told me we could never meet. I accepted that. To keep things exciting, I occasionally created a character (did both a man and a woman) to entice someone into cybersex. Then I would copy and paste the transcript into an email for my friend. For all I know, the person I was cybering with was a character too! That’s what made it more fun though, the not knowing.

I hope this admission hasn’t swayed your opinion of me. I’ve always said I preferred fiction to non. 🙂


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15 responses to “Dog Days Trifecta

  1. Interesting thoughts on the prompt. I’m with you – Stay Fandango! WordPress be damned if it takes our prompt guru away from us.

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  2. First, thanks for your kind words, Paula. Second, thanks for participating in these prompts. Third, a friend of mine, who is a male, created a blog in which he posted as a female. He would compose and publish a post using his male persona and would slightly alter the post to reflect the gender difference when he published it using his female persona. He said, after doing that for about six months he was amazed at the differences in the number of views and followers between his “male” and “female” versions of essentially identical post. And he was flabbergasted by the differences in both the number and nature of the comments that “he” got versus what “she” got on the same post. Suffice it to say that he never got propositioned or invited to meet and hook up as a male as he did as a female, even though his posts were nearly identical.

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  3. Why is everyone leaving?? 😫
    I don’t “follow” all the peoples, but I do enjoy their stuff through the people I DO follow.
    And, Miss Paula… I am shocked, shocked I say, at your confessions here today😲🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Paula your preference for fiction to non fiction are perfectly understandable. I always enjoy your posts, both the fiction and non fiction ones.

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  5. I am a non fiction writer and reader( not of blogs and bloggers but my actual book reading) So I am happy you like fiction and respond to fiction prompts! I love reading your fictions!

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  6. It totally makes sense to talk to your characters. I talk to them, they talk to me back. We laugh together most of the time at the silly things I’ve been fooled with. Its fun.

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