5 Favorite Sandwiches!

Dr. Tanya returns with a #5Things prompt for us. This week it’s about sandwiches, which is a tasty topic indeed. No burgers allowed in this one, since they’ll have their own day. Here are mine…

1. Lox and cream cheese on a bagel with capers (tomato and onion optional). This has been a top fave of mine forever, and I often eat it open-faced. I like an onion bagel for this, but plain or sesame is okay too.

lox cream cheese bagel capers onion

2. Grilled cheese and tomato on rye bread. So, so yummy!

Grilled cheese and tomato

3. The old trusty peanut butter and jam! My favorite jam is blackberry, but strawberry is good too. Either wheat or white bread is fab for this sandwich.

Peanut butter and jam

4. Tuna! Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat. One, I don’t mix my tuna with mayo ~ instead I use guacamole. Two, I like this mashed up in a warm flour tortilla. It’s my latest invention and it’s delicious.

5. Egg salad with sweet and spicy pickle slices. I do use a little mayo for my egg salad, BUT! I also use mustard. Yep, I’m weird. What kind of bread? Rye again or whole wheat.

Sorry, I don’t have pics of the last two.


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20 responses to “5 Favorite Sandwiches!

  1. Peanut butter and jam is my favorite too.

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  2. I put mustard and diced celery with a minimal amount of mayo in both egg salad and tuna salad but I had potato chips on top of each on sourdough bread. I prefer peanut butter with fluff over jelly. On garlic bagels I prefer ham and cheese. I’ll have to try the avocado with the tuna but I gotta have the crunch factor so mine will have chips. Thank you for sharing your sandwich favorites.❤️

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  3. Yum! And damn, I’m hungry again!

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  4. Ah, I could easily have added lox and cream cheese on a toasted onion bagel to my list as well.

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  5. YES! Grilled cheese on rye – the best!

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  6. I have never tried lox and cream cheese.

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  7. I really like the Garden Variety sandwich at Mustard Cafe. Alfalfa sprouts, avocado, cucumber, romaine lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, on toasted whole grain bread. Add provolone cheese, but hold the red onion.

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  8. Yummy pictures.
    They’re making me hungry.

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  9. Those all sound good except tuna! I hate tuna! Lol! 😀

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