My What?

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In today’s Dog Days episode, Fandango asks about our daily routine. Welp, I do vaguely remember something resembling a routine pre-Covid-19.

Weekdays I got up around 6am, took a shower, got dressed, took care of cat things, read online stuff over tea, and drove to work around 8:15. Sometimes I had time to compose a blog post first. I bought a coffee in our cafe, then headed up to my office. Had lunch between 12-1, when I read blogs and began a post, sometimes finishing it later. Home by 6:30, changed into comfy clothes, ate a little dinner, read/wrote, did stuff for my second job. Bed by 11 or so. Weekends I spent doing chores and participating in friend events. Tried to work on my novel…

Now? Psssh. I don’t go to work every day (though I did last week), and when I do, I set my own schedule, usually wandering in late morning and leaving mid-afternoon. I do chores (cleaning, grocery shopping) during the week mostly. Friend events are over Zoom and I don’t love that format, so I skip many. I have been working on my novel more often, but there are plenty of days I don’t. I’ve gone weeks without touching it, when it should have been finished by now. My bedtime varies from 11-2am. I can sleep later, but I don’t usually.

Like many people have said, my sense of time has been distorted by the lockdown. I feel this has been going on forever and I’m effing sick of it. On the other hand, it also feels like the days pass so fast I can’t get anything accomplished. Why haven’t I done so much more? Exercised more? Idk. I feel unproductive and useless without a set work routine… I guess it’s good preparation for retirement. Meh.


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17 responses to “My What?

  1. Oh, how I miss my routine!

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  2. Your so right. My schedule has all gone to pot. Things just merge into other things now.

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  3. I can relate, I feel like I am in timeless loop and everyday just comes and goes without any meaningful progress. I want my old routine back😩

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  4. Oh, this is in a way relatable. Pre-COVID, I’d go to the day center each morning and stay there till 4PM. Now that we get day activities at home, each day just merges into the other it seems.

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  5. The good news for me is that I was already retired before the pandemic hit, so my routine isn’t that much different than it was in the Before Days. That said, I do miss eating at restaurants, going to movie theaters, concerts, etc. But, as Trump said, “it is what it is.”

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  6. Some days DO seem to drag and fly by at the same time. How does that happen??
    I haven’t had a job (almost wrote “worked”, but I work, just not at a job) since September of 2000. WHOA! Dang, 20 years. Anyway, before the Kootie I was a hermit so it hasn’t changed much for me. I’ll be happy when it’s safe for Ben’s school to open again!

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  7. Your bedtime is like mine (anywhere from eleven, maybe a little earlier once in a while, to two-ish). When I go to bed, though, I usually watch YouTube news, current events, or philosophy videos… which I will usually do as I wake up as well. Other than my coffee habit, that’s my routine.

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  8. My city just outright banned gatherings of 20 or more people (the national guidelines “recommend against”) because we were doing so well but now the numbers are shooting up (mostly from college students having back-to-school bashes). So now we’re talking about how this “state of emergency” is going to be with us the rest of the year. There will be no return to “normal” in 2020. I realize that I may as well wrap my head around that one and get out the story of “How I Learned to Love the Virus”.

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