Where The Magic Happens

Sparkly rainbow

Fandango’s Dog Days prompt today is all about my blogging space. He wants to know exactly where I come up with these creative gems. Mostly I write posts in my apartment at the dining room table, though sometimes I write in bed (ooh) or at work. I don’t often compose a post in the car or at a coffee shop. Well, I guess no one is sitting around coffee shops these days. Beyond that, I’d say about 70% of my writing is done on my iPhone and 30% on my laptop. All my prompts (Monday Peeve, Thursday Inspiration, Six Degrees, etc.) are done on my laptop. It’s just easier to type here, especially when I’m going on and on, like I do in my Pointless Meandering. When I’m on the laptop, I use the block editor, which I find convenient because I can save boilerplate text, such as my copyright notice and my prompt post language. The phone is easier for adding images and using saved prompts. In fact, I don’t know how people respond to prompts if they aren’t using the app ~ how do you save all the posts you want to use in one place to link back to them? Right now, I’m saving this post on my laptop, and then jumping on my phone app to find the image I have in mind and copy the link back to Mr. F.

So now you know…


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11 responses to “Where The Magic Happens

  1. I’m actually the opposite; I find images easier on my laptop.

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  2. I use the dot com from my phone. I dont like using the app anymore🤷🏼‍♀️ If I want to save something, I just “share” the link to the post in a “note”. Then I can jot stuff under the link and copy/paste what I like into a post.🤷🏼‍♀️ I havent typed on an actual keyboard in probably close to a year😱

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  3. I use my iPhone about 95% of the time and you’re right, it’s easier to do links to the prompt posts and to add photos on the iPhone than it is on a laptop.

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  4. No keyboard, no write. Well, that’s not true — I use pen and paper a lot, but that’s surprisingly difficult to stick into a blog. On the other hand, I do a lot of writing that never turns up in a blog, or at least not any that anyone can get to. But in any event, the only use I have for an iPhone keyboard is texting and putting in credit-card numbers…

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  5. I found it very interesting to know how your words ended up on the page! Mine are also mostly typed on my phone. But they can be written (in my head) at any number of places, including a restaurant, yoga class, or in my car.

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  6. This is actually a bunch of good suggestions on how to organize one’s work.

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