5 Things I Hate About Summer

Seashells and starfish on sand

Say what? I love summer! 🌻 But Dr. Tanya wants me to come up with 5 Things I Hate for her continuing prompt. I suppose I can spend days pondering this topic… psyche! I’ve already thought of ’em, neener!

1. Air conditioning. Just when it’s nice and warm, allowing me to bounce out of the house in short sleeves, crazy people insist on blasting freezing cold AC everywhere. 🥶 So, even on the hottest days, I have to bring a sweater with me. Annoy!

2. Gross men without shirts. Gah!

3. Traffic clogging up Pacific Coast Highway, and I can’t use it, bleh.

4. Amateur fireworks going off every night around the 4th. So dumb and irritating.

5. It’s over too soon, wah. Nice long days full of sun are already too short in August, and soon it’ll be dark early again. 😢


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11 responses to “5 Things I Hate About Summer

  1. Yeah its definitely over too soon! Hate that! ❤😘

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  2. It must be nice to have a short summer. I would not mind switching climates with you for a change.

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  3. A summer lover, I see. 👍

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  4. Oh yes definitely the bit about knowin the darker nights are coming soon. It’s over before it has begun, it seems.

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  5. Great list! I’m so sad summer is almost over with too, even though it’s a little too hot for my liking here right now.

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