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Melanie has two sets of Share Your World questions for us today, but I’m skipping the first set as they have to with Harry Potter and I’ve neither read nor seen any HP.

1. Would You Rather Live 120 Years That Are Comfortable But Boring, Or Live Half As Long, But Have An Exciting Adventure Packed Life?

The comfy, boring road is for me regardless of length. I’m not a fan of the exciting life where you slide naked, screaming, and covered with chocolate into your grave, or however that saying goes. Stability, order, routine, and comfort make me happy.

2. What’s Something That Overwhelms You?

Driving overwhelms me. I loved to drive as a teenager, but now I find it terrifying. The idea of all those crazy angry people on the road who dgaf about other people’s lives (and/or their own) creates massive anxiety for me. Plus, I’m not a great driver myself ~ I mean, I’m very cautious, but I have no sense of direction, and it’s hard for me to visualize the size of my car when parking. Not that I hit things ~ it’s the opposite. I imagine my car to be much larger than it is. But… I live in Southern California, so I have to drive!

3. What Do or DID You Take For Granted?

I imagined that my mom would live to a very old age, since longevity runs in her family. I was prepared for my dad, with all his heart problems, to pass on at any time after Y2K. But my mom? No! I thought we had so many more years left together. It was a complete shock when she was dx’d with pancreatic cancer at the end of 2007 at age 76 and passed on 5 months later. My dad almost made it to 83.

4. Gratitude: Please feel free to share some gratitude moments or thoughts you’ve had recently. This section is entirely optional.

I’m grateful that even though my back, etc. hurts every day, I can still take a walk in a lovely park, as I did this morning.

Huntington Beach Central Park ducksHuntington Beach Central Park flowersHuntington Beach Central Park flowers


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Photo credits ~ Melanie and me

11 responses to “The Long & Boring Road Share

  1. That’s a nice park!

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  2. Love the photos.

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  3. The ducks look very content!

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  4. Thanks Paula for Sharing Your World! Those photographs are stunning! I especially love the ducks. There’s a park in Salt Lake City where one could go and see dozens and dozens of geese and ducks, but they had to put up signs so people would stop feeding them. They were getting very plump indeed as well as (presumably) forgetting how to forage for themselves. I’m sorry that driving has become a challenge for you, but it’s also quite true (from my observation) that the drivers on the road are getting more and more reckless and stupid. I had some idiot come roaring up behind me and flashing their lights and honking. Scared the willies out of me, and although I was in the left hand lane on I-15 and doing 85 mph, I pulled over. I don’t know what the hell was the problem with that idiot, but figured not getting rear ended was the wiser choice. My mother used to say to such morons “I hope you make it before you sh*t yourself”..when she’d encounter such a twit. That or “Hurry on brother, hell ain’t half full.” yeah. Fun times. (not).

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