Spot [socs]

Cute golden lab

Spot is a strange name for a dog and I wonder how it became so popular. I guess because dogs have spots? Boring! Rover is also a common name, or was… because doggies roam around, I suppose. Then there are the “ironic” names, such as Tiny for a big Doberman or Hercules for a little chihuahua. Some names seem cool but are overused: Max, Copper, Brandy, etc. For my kids’ dog, I suggested Roxy and Rory… they went with Rory. She’s pictured above. My childhood dog was named Peppy, which is pretty uncreative, but I was only 9 when I named her (she was a salt and pepper cockapoo). Names are always interesting to me.


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Photo credit ~ Sam Karp

21 responses to “Spot [socs]

  1. Names are interesting, pet names and baby names.

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  2. I never understood where the name Fido came from, but it used to be a cliche. I think Bill Cosby destroyed the cliche when he talked about a dog named Phytoux (pronounced Fido…)

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  3. Maggie got her name by being a people magnet. A neighbour from yesterday had a huge black labrador called Spot. He had a small white mark on his chest.

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  4. Our dogs were Peanut, a dachshund, Smokey, wolf shepard mix, Sasha, black shepard and white husky mix, Hulk, Newfoundland.  I had alitule black dog as a child, Kim.

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  5. I knew a lady who said when she was a kid, her little brother named their dog “Flat Tire.”
    3,987,522 dogs in the United States are named “Tippy.” I just made that up, but I just googled it and one site said that Bark Obama was popular, globally. 🙂

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  6. Scrappy [Bless her] got her name because when young she was a right Scrapster and so l called her after Scooby Doo’s cousin Scrappy Doo. Dora got her name because she was always an explorer so she was named after Dora the explorer but also because she was a Wolfador as in a cross between a gun headed labra’dor’ and a wolfhound. Her brother ‘Wolfie’ got the first part 🙂

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  7. I knew a dog named Chris. I just thought that was weird.

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  8. My childhood dog’s name was “Skippy”. I don’t know how he got his name, but people always used to say, “Like the peanut butter!” I didn’t like that!

    When my parents decided we had to give him up, the man at the SPCA asked for his name, and we said “Skippy”. Then he wrote down “Skip”, and I remember thinking, “Oh no, he is not going to understand when they try to call his name!” I was too young to say anything about it (10?), but it bothers me to this day. (Oh, and by the way, don’t call me “Steve”!)

    I wonder how Checkers got his name. I don’t think he had checkerboard fur. I wonder if there are any dogs named “Gingham”?

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  9. A cockapoo…. never heard of that one 🙂

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