All The Pets I’ve Loved Before

Cute cat

Well, first there was Miss January…

Kidding! (It was Miss February.) I have lots of great memories of my pets, starting with my little dog, Peppy, who came into my life when I was 9 years old. She was a sweet little pupper, but we never really trained her, so she was not that well behaved. I loved her though and was distraught when we lost her 9 years later. That’s too sad of a story to tell and I’ll leave it in the past. I want to remember all the cute things about her.

When I was 24, I took in a homeless kitty and tried to find its owner. No luck, so kitty stayed with us. My boyfriend at the time was into horse racing, so he wanted to name the kitty after a famous racehorse, John Henry. Since I didn’t know who that was, we added the name Banana after it. John Henry Banana. We called him Henry and he was a sweetheart.

Cute cats

After a while, we decided Henry was lonely, so we brought home a little tawny kitten to keep him company. We named her Tasha Banana. They got along fine. Later that year Henry got sick and went over the rainbow bridge, which was really sad because he wasn’t that old. The vet speculated that he had eaten some poison when he was out wandering before we met him. We then brought home a little sister for Tasha and named her Cyndi, like the singer. Naturally she was also a Banana. The sister cats were good together, but the boyfriend became my first ex-husband. These things happen.

I just remembered that prior to Peppy’s arrival, we had fish. They were very pretty, but you don’t really bond with a fish, mermaids excepted. ๐Ÿ 

Anyway, while I was married to my second ex-husband, I impulsively adopted a new homeless kitty at a cat show (remember, we already had two). In retrospect, this was a very thoughtless thing to do without asking my second ex-husband first, but it all worked out. The cat, not the marriage. We named this kitten Oscar and he did his own thing but was occasionally affectionate. Cyndi, however, was always sick and no amount of care could ever fix her. She never grew past kitten size and only lasted until she was 3 years old. (Yes, I did a lot in 3 years, but I was an energetic 20-something.)

I had to find a new home for Tasha and Oscar a few years later. Long story, also too sad to go into. I know this can be a contentious topic, with some people believing you are committed to a pet forever once you take them in, and I too believe this on principle, but life happens. I did my best to find the cats a safe place, but who knows. For many years afterward, I had no pets, only children.

Calico cat

Cocoa wandered into my life when I needed her, simple as that. It was 2004, I was depressed, and I’d been scheduled for a “minor” surgery. Along came this wonderful blue-eyed fluffy kitty to brighten up my days. My daughters were thrilled to have a pet and we soon adopted another kitty, Tiki. Cocoa took some time to adjust to Tiki, but then they were friends. Tiki looked up to Cocoa, like a little sister to a big one, following her all around and trying to do everything Cocoa did. So adorable!

When my marriage ended, I took Cocoa and my second ex-husband took Tiki. They totally bonded and it was cute. Cocoa, however, began failing. Her arthritis kept getting worse until she couldn’t walk much at all. She lost interest in food, became skinny, and finally we had to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking. She was such a great cat.

Before Cocoa passed on, I thought I would not get another pet because the man I was dating at the time (remember TMWBMH? ~ yep, him) did not like pets. Silly me, I had this fantasy we’d stay together, but that was not to be. A few months before Cocoa died, we had broken up, so a new kitty was on my mind. My daughter went to the Orange County Animal Shelter with me, and we chose Gatsby (she did really). She also chose his name because I’d been inclined to go with Ringo. He’s obviously a Gatsby though.

Long time readers are familiar with G’s cuteness and antics. Suffice to say, he has comforted me during many down cycles and I owe him a lot. He can be super annoying, but he’s my Little Lion Man and I adore him. We’re now sharing a place with a kitty named Tiger and her person, and the cats are slowly getting used to each other. Tiger is an absolute doll.

Striped tiger kitty


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18 responses to “All The Pets I’ve Loved Before

  1. By “doll” do you mean creepy and scary??๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Tiger is very photogenic, but no Gatsby๐Ÿ˜‰
    We’ve always had pets. Cats and dogs and various others. ๐Ÿ’

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  2. Cats know the true meaning of relationship. They keep you guessing.

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  3. I only had a cat for a pet as a child and have always referred dogs. however, kitties seem to like me too, and one lady whose B&B we frequented often have four, one of which was totally anti social and didn’t like people. It took a while for her to realise that same cat was fast asleep on my lap!

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  4. After going on 43 years and 36 (that we remember) cats (at one time we had 21), we’re at the end of the line, I’m afraid. Fortunately, Molly, our caboose, seems to be in good health. We’ve agreed to wait a year after she goes before we think about another. We’re retired and I’m disabled, meaning the task of feeding and cleaning up after a cat falls on Mary’s shoulders. Any time Mary is tempted to adopt, she tells herself “twenty years, twenty years…”

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    • Yep. Dealing with cat litter is hard when you have neck/back pain. Even the lightweight stuff is heavy for me. But then again… last night I wasnโ€™t feeling well and G was especially cuddly ๐Ÿ˜ป

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  5. I’m so sorry for all the pet losses. Henry having died of some poison most likely, reminds me of my parents’ cat Pluk that we got when I was 9, who died at age 7 after having eaten a plant or something that was either poisonous or choked him. The other cats my parents had that I remember, made it to old age (14 for Aagje and 15 for Morse) and our Barry is still going strong at 7.

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  6. Oh, you have a cutie there. I’m sure he won’t try to rule the house, manipulate you with his good looks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  7. Oh how I love the intrigue of “Tiger and her person” ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t ask but I’m dying to know!

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  8. Loved your cat recap. They are all so precious in their own way.๐Ÿ’

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