My Jewelry Box

Pink pearls

Ashley did a fun post about her jewelry and I thought I’d do the same. I used to have a beautiful mini-cabinet for my jewelry, but it took up too much space. Plus, it didn’t hold everything anyway. I had a bunch of separate boxes for the stuff that wouldn’t fit. The Container Store had these super practical stacking boxes, so that’s what I use now…

Jewelry box

I used to have more, especially gold items, but I sold some 10 years ago. Most of the time I wear silver now. I rarely wear the costume beads, but I keep my favorites, especially silly things to wear at holidays (these are in a separate bag). My daughters bought this cupcake necklace for me, so I do wear it…

Cupcake necklace

My high school bestie Elizabeth gave this cool silver coin charm to me for my bday way back when…

Silver bird charm

My mom loved this set of fetish animals she got on a vacation, I forget where. A few pieces have chipped, so I am careful with it.

Fetish jewelry

A friend gave me this from his trip to India.

Silver ohm charm

I love turquoise and this is a favorite set I treated myself to…

Turquoise jewelry

I also love butterflies and kitties…

Butterfly charm

Silver kitty earrings

It’s hard to take pics of rings, but I do have my faves. One is a silver and turquoise ring my daughter bought for me in Israel. I also love a gold and opal ring that my mom used to wear. Not to forget my dad: I have his platinum wedding band with their wedding date engraved inside. I haven’t worn a watch for a long time, but one of these days I’ll spend a few bucks and get this one fixed.

Gold wristwatch Engraved watch

Isn’t it pretty? I have small wrists, so it’s perfect for me. No, I don’t know who those initials refer to, but isn’t it cool to think about a love story from 1947? I assume the man came home from the war and saved up to buy his wife this lovely Christmas gift.

The top post is my pink pearl necklace. The parents of my second ex-husband bought it for me as an engagement present. I’ve always loved this necklace and still wear it occasionally. At the time, it cost $1800. Now, it’s worth $50 at most because there are easy ways to produce pink pearls and the market is flooded.

Here’s a gorgeous piece I bought off eBay, but it’s not that comfy to wear because it’s so heavy. But I just love the huge chunks of turquoise!

Turquoise necklace


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14 responses to “My Jewelry Box

  1. Love the kitty earrings.


  2. Gorgeous pieces! Turquoise is so beautiful. I had a turquoise necklace that I got in Turkey, but I don’t seem to have it anymore, and I have no idea what happened to it.

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  3. Nice stuff. I have some of what you might call jewelry too, left over from my dress-weird-and-party days. But speaking of wedding rings, I have a pair bound together with a chain and I don’t know if they were mine and my ex-wife’s, or my dad’s and his second ex-wife’s, or what. Guess I’ll just keep ’em, tucked away …

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  4. A lot of beautiful pieces in here 😍

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  5. Lovely pieces Sweetheart 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I dont even know what’s in my jewelry box. Its buried in my closet. I know what ISN’T in it. Some pieces were pawned and unable to be redeemed, some walked off in sticky fingers. I only wear two pieces rn and don’t take them off. A necklace from Younger and a bracelet from a friend.

    Thanks for sharing your stuff.😻

    I have a turquoise and silver bracelet that looks like it would be too big, but looks good on. I have tiny wrists for my giant body, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Love seeing your jewelry box treasures! I have a lot, but hardly ever wear any these days. It’s fun to look through it all sometimes, as most have some story about the items. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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