5 Coping Tools

Dr. Tanya keeps 5Things going by asking us this week what we do to reduce anxiety.

1. I make a list. Whatever the problem is, a list will help. I break the task or issue up into teeny steps, so I can cross them off or delete them when done. 😎

2. I think of all the worst possible things that can happen, and then I tell myself whatever does happen probably won’t be as bad as I imagine.😱

3. I focus on breathing for a few minutes.

4. If I’m at home, I discuss the issue with a kitty. 🐱

5. Eventually, I talk about the situation with a sympathetic person, like a daughter. 💖

My strategies are different from the usual listen to music type of thing. Trying to distract myself from a stressful situation never works. I still know it’s there. What helps me is to stare it down until it shrinks from my glaring. I’m scary, rawr!


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12 responses to “5 Coping Tools

  1. I’ve found myself wanting to just face stuff, or do stuff and get it over with more as I’ve gotten older. Or maybe it’s since I became disabled?🤷🏼‍♀️ Whatever… avoiding just makes it worse… Unless it something you cant do anything about, then avoiding and trying to erase it from memory is best for me.

    I like #2… and #4 of course. Do they offer good advice?😻

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  2. These are all excellent! Lately, I’ve been finding making a list especially effective!

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  3. Totally different strategies. And I can see how they work.

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  4. I am a veteran list maker too.
    I find that crossing things off is a great stress reliever.

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  5. I’m a get-distracted sort of person. If I can’t deal with something, I’ll look for a distraction (and I’m good at finding them). I’m not irresponsible or oblivious so eventually I’ll circle around and get back to the issue. I can never remember good techniques to deal with the actual anxiety—except for ignoring it. Since I’m revisiting this very issue again these days, time to figure out what actually works for me. But, maybe it has always been distraction?

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