Monday Mishmash

Bitmoji Monday

I meant to do the Dog Days’ prompt last night before bed, but I began a puzzle, got sleepy, and conked out. To punish me for this neglect, my guilty conscience kept waking me, and Monday morning said hello with a migraine. (Yay for meds! Feeling better already.) Generally, however, I make my blog a priority; for example, I have my Thursday Inspirations scheduled out through the end of September. They aren’t topical, so that’s fine. My Monday Peeves could theoretically be scheduled too, but I kinda like to wait until I’m genuinely annoyed with something on the spot, which is never a problem. If I go a week without getting annoyed, my blog fans will be the first to know!

Speaking of blog things, you’ll be happy to know that I am approaching the big 2K of real followers. What do I mean by that? I mean that instead of “cheating” and including Facebook and Twitter “friends” as followers by connecting my blog to those platforms, I disconnected and am counting only those who actually have clicked on follow. Truth is, I don’t mind the lower number because it more accurately reflects how my blog is doing. Obviously, not all 1900+ followers are reading my posts, but that’s okay. They’ve clicked follow, which is what counts.

Bitmoji happy stars

Honestly, I feel like a fish out of water on FB and Twitter now. People are so niched up, with many focusing only on one topic (usually politics, but not always), and they get lots of friends/followers because their fellow focusers see them as a serious poster. I’m not serious. On FB, I’ll post whatever silly thing crosses my mind, but since my return I don’t post much, compared to my prior account. It’s just not that appealing any longer, though I’m glad to have reconnected with peeps and try to comment here and there without getting into fights. On Twitter, I usually tweet poetry, but I also retweet politics, cat stuff, otters, nom food pics, jokes, whatever. The Serious Poets are not interested in following me. Oh well.

Bitmoji shrug

But blogging isn’t like that. The peeps I follow in general post on a variety of topics, and this pleases me. I enjoy knowing that when I go to Fandango’s pad, I might see politics (well, duh) or some cool piece of flash fiction. He also hosts prompts, as do many of us. When I visit Di or Li or Sadje, I might get to read a poem or an essay or flash fiction. There are also a bunch of posters with neato info about music (Jim, John, et al). Of course Rory takes the cake with posts on everything imaginable. This all makes my newsfeed more fun for me. I guess blogging is now considered the fringe of social media. It’s like telling people you still burn CDs for your car. How uh quaint.

Yes, I do still burn CDs for my car! 🎶🎶🎶


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19 responses to “Monday Mishmash

  1. I was never on Twitter and the only time I go on Facebook anymore is when I get notified that one of my kids posted something on it. Congrats on approaching 2,000 followers. No doubt you’ll soon be getting 2,000 views a day, one, at least, from each follower. 😏 And thanks for the shoutout, too. You’re invited to visit my pad any time you want to!

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  2. Thanks for the mention Paula. Congratulations on getting 1900 plus followers. Your blog is never predictable or repetitive. Always something new and entertaining to read here

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CDs? That’s so new school! Bring on the cassette tapes!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Nice Mishmash Paula and thanks for including me with the mention of neato music. I only have 1,160 Followers, but I feel that is a useless statistic, as I am only concerned with the regular visitors that I get.

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  5. Add another real person 😉

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  6. Quaint is good. I think its safer on the fringe anyway.

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  7. Congratulations on approaching 2k real followers! I have reduced the time I spend on Facebook and Twitter too. And that gave me more time to focus on my blog!

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  8. If anyone deserves 2k+ followers, its you Paula. You have a fire for blogging, and I find myself smiling when I see your posts on my TL.

    Keep writing 🙂

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  9. Congrats on your almost 2K following! Keep up the great work!

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