Kitty Share 🐱

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Melanie has new Q’s for us today, but first I want to thank her for using my Happy Color pic for SYW. I think it looks fabulous!

What will finally break the Internet? Do you believe it can be broken at all?

Cat pics. 🐱 Yes, I believe it can break, in the sense of being broken up. Look what’s happening to Tic Tok.

What are some ‘red flags’ to watch out for in daily life? (take it as you want)

Things that sound too good to be true ~ like the internet. We have paid a heavy price in loss of privacy just to be able to share cat pics across the world.

What’s the silliest thing someone has argued with you about?

An ex and I had an enormous fight about the name of a band. I was wrong. 🎶

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found lying on the ground / side of the road?

A fetal pig. Well, I didn’t know what it was except ewwww, but my ex (not the band name winner) was a scientist and knew.

Gratitude Section (optional as always)

Please feel free to share your photos, stories, poetry, or memes that promote gratitude!

Cats sleeping on sofa

I’m grateful when these silly cats are quiet and getting along. 💖🐱💖🐱💖


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11 responses to “Kitty Share 🐱

  1. Cat pics, videos and memes are the most adorable thing you can share on the internet!

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  2. Sleepy cats are beautiful cats!

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  3. Yes… the cats being nice is always something to be grateful for😉😻

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  4. Thanks Paula for Sharing Your World and some a picture containing some very contented cats! I always find it a bit scary when my boys (although canine) are too quiet for too long. Mischief is afoot somewhere in the house! I will add a small addendum to your reasons for the internet breaking ‘down’ (?) … there are an equal number of adorable puppy pictures out there and Norbert. If you don’t know about Norbert, google him. He’s ‘squee-able’ (IMHO)… so cute! (therapy dog Norbert).

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  5. Your kitties look so contented. I love the picture for this. 🙂

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