My Retirement Trip

I have a fantasy that after I retire (and G has passed over the rainbow bridge) I’ll see more of the U.S. I’ll do it leisurely, maybe by train, or partly by car… spend as much or as little time as I please wherever I go. I figure I can begin in the Northwest corner and see Vancouver. Then I’ll mosey on over to Montana and check out the Big Sky. Idk how long I’ll stay there before dipping south to visit Yellowstone…

Brown bear

Next, there will be a stop in North Dakota to visit the reptile zoo. Then I’ll make my way to the Chicago area, where hopefully I can visit some peeps and cruise around some old haunts. Then I would want to see a bit of Michigan before continuing on to Pennsylvania. Never have been to Philly, so I need to stay there a bit.

After that, I need to deal seriously with New England. Boston is a must-see, and also Providence. Burlington, VT is where some of my family lived way back, so it’s on the list. I want to go up to Maine too and see the places Stephen King writes about. Obviously, I will spend some time in New York, duh!

Manhattan New York City

I’ll journey down the East Coast and check out the touristy stuff in D.C. Gotta see some of Virginia also… and absolutely for sure Nashville. Dunno if there’s anything else I need to check out before visiting Atlanta. And I will definitely see New Orleans, as I’ve been wanting to for ages…

Apparently I have to cross some vast nothingness to get to New Mexico, where I’d likely spend a bunch of time seeing Cool Things. Breaking Bad, yo! Colorado is in the plan, even though I went as a teenager. Worth a second visit, imo. And Utah! Drove through Zion National Park once on the way to Vegas and it was utterly gorgeous. This time, I’d really see it. Arizona needs a revisit as well. Beautiful place!

Arizona Grand Canyon

Nice fantasy trip, yes? 😍


Written for Fandango’s Dog Days #1.

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20 responses to “My Retirement Trip

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a bucket list full of fantastic trips. I hope your trip dreams will someday be a reality.

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  2. I’m planning on running away from home in 10-15 years and cruisin the back roads of our huge country. Revisiting many of the places in the west you mentioned. A trip to Nawlins is definitely on the list, and Maine too, duh!
    Sounds perfect to me!πŸ›£πŸ›€πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŽΆπŸŒŒβœ¨

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  3. Sounds like a great plan. Hope you can make it real one day.

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  4. Just don’t get eaten by that bear πŸ˜‰

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  5. Sounds like a great road trip. ❀

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  6. So many places to go and so much to see.

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  7. Ah !
    How I wish I could go on this trip.

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  8. This sounds awesome!

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  9. Yes. I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve done a few bits and pieces.

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  10. very nice travel…so you have a checklist of places that you’ll visit…maybe next year i”ll wander too !

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  11. Would you believe I’ve been to many of these places, some of them even recently, based on where we dragged the kids while we lived in So Cal and where POSSOB dragged me later on the way to TN? Since I lived in the SE for a while recently, and didn’t get to go all the places I wanted to when I would have used that home as a base from which to venture forth, there are a few comments I’d like to make on your list and a few places I could add.

    We made it to Philly when we picked up Melissa from one of her trips out west and it was kind of on the way from our home to hers at the time in DC. It was Thanksgiving weekend so not everything was available to see/do but I wholeheartedly agree it’s worth a visit.
    One of my friends from college at USC just contacted me after some time and shocked the hell out of me by telling me she got divorced this year too and packed up and moved to Boston, describing herself as an East Coast girl. I think that’s another place in the NE that would be worth seeing again since the last time I was there was also on a holiday weekend and over 40 years ago.
    A couple of Southern places I’ve heard big/good things about are the Gulf Coast and Austin, TX. The former from native Southerners for whom that was the closest place to vacation in the summer (though probably not the optimum time for a visit); the latter from So Cal friends who lived there for a while.


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