30 Day Film Challenge 5

I found this fun challenge at Sandmanjazz. As I did with the books (not the bingo, but the 30 days), I’m going to do these movies in blocks. So instead of a post a day for 30 days, I’ll have 6 posts total. Here’s my fifth set of films…

21. You’ve Got Mail and 27 Dresses are tied for my favorite romcoms… and they both make me want to fall in love. They have that standard romance novel trope of mistaken identity, but I’m not tired of it. Unlike other tropes (switching places, time travel, misunderstood eavesdropping, etc.), mistaken identity stories still appeal to me. You fall in love with someone, not knowing who they really are, but when the truth is finally revealed, you love them even more. Why I like this the best, idk. Probably some freudian thing…

22. Fantasy-world films, like most sci-fi, do not normally appeal to me. But there are always exceptions. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’s was a fantasy film I loved.

23. Risky Business means a lot to me. Weird, right? I have nothing in common with any of those characters. But I knew people like them. The idea that Joel’s hard work meant nothing to the Princeton recruiter, but setting the dude up with a hooker got him in… well, that just sums up our effed-up values as a society, doesn’t it? Even I go ooh Ivy League to this day until I step back for a second and remind myself of (waves arms) everything.

24. I don’t normally care about directors ~ I like what I like. But Rob Reiner and Martin Scorsese happened to have directed a large number of my faves. Since I’ve already mentioned a few of RR’s films (WHMS, Alex & Emma), I will give Marty a shout-out here. Goodfellas is in my top 5 favorite films of all time, and it’s a Scorsese-directed flick. I do rewatch it frequently. Don’t forget After Hours though, a super weird dark comedy with no mafia characters. It is also one of Marty’s and I love it.

25. A film that inspired me? Hmm. Hidden Figures was pretty inspiring, not that I could relate to it personally, since I don’t struggle for anything because lazy. If it’s difficult, I give up. But I appreciate how others keep fighting for their dreams.

I’ll be back! (On the 30th.) 🤣


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5 responses to “30 Day Film Challenge 5

  1. Good selection Paula.

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  2. I’ve seen After Hours, but I didn’t know it was directed by Scorsese. Maybe I need to watch it again. Regarding Risky Business, so true about Ivy League graduates! One of the things I remember most about that movie was the line by Curtis Armstrong (AKA Burt): Sometimes you just gotta say WTF!

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