30 Day Film Challenge 4

I found this fun challenge at Sandmanjazz. As I did with the books (not the bingo, but the 30 days), I’m going to do these movies in blocks. So instead of a post a day for 30 days, I’ll have 6 posts total. Here’s my fourth set of films…

16. Life of Pi has a number in the title and is a great film besides (haven’t read the book). I recommend seeing it in 3D.

17. Not a huge fan of animated films, but I did enjoy The Lion King and also Frozen. The music made them standouts. 🎶

18. A movie I think about a lot is When Harry Met Sally. It seems so romantic but in fact is full of drama and angst. The relationship between Jess and Marie (side characters) is actually closer to my ideal.

19. Her is set in the future and while it’s not my favorite film, it certainly was intriguing regarding the nature of relationships.

20. Blade Runner was scary (also set in the future). I loved it!


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5 responses to “30 Day Film Challenge 4

  1. I think I know what you mean about Jess and Marie. Safe and comfortable is better than hot and cold. Those are the best relationships. Like an Old Brown Shoe.

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  2. All good movies.

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