The Monday Peeve 44

Monday Peeve kitty cat

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the TMP tag, link back to me (or not), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen. I have feelings!

Last week’s peeve was philosophical and meaningful and sh!t, while today’s promises to be one of the most trivial complaints ever. But that’s okay! Our minor mads are fair game for TMP. Go ahead, vent about some teensy tiny annoyance… it’s perfectly fine. Mine is about the word “stream,” as a verb referring to entertainment, which I find irritating AF. Back in MY day, we watched a show or listened to a program. Or we said a station/channel was showing or broadcasting something. Now, we have a burning pretentious need to announce when we experienced a thing “live” (not actually live though, since you’re still sitting in your damn house or car) by saying we STREAMED it. Omg hate hate hate!


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23 responses to “The Monday Peeve 44

  1. In my own little bubble, I would call it streaming if I watched a late night comedy show online a few days after it aired on tv. Regardless, though, it seems absurd if people are waving it around as a status symbol that they saw something first.

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  2. The blood was streaming, and tears are streaming, and the flag was streaming in the wind and then all this changed when a technology started using this word for for transferring data so that it could be received and processed in a steady stream.

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  3. I don’t mind the word or the concept. Actually, I like the idea that you can binge-watch a whole season of a show, one episode right after the other, rather than waiting a week for the next installment, because of “streaming.”

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  4. My peeve is not having anything new to watch. Even old loved shows are repeating themselves, plus commercials…absolutely horrid. Over and over. That’s why I 😀stream😃 things on my iPad. Love your peeve posts!🤠

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  5. O_o I used that word at least three times last week. Uh. It’s what I honestly thought they called whatever it is when one uses a site or app or something to obtain viewing privileges to a movie or TV show. It’s not being broadcast nor aired, not in the old sense of the word any how. Nuts. Now I don’t know how to qualify what I do.

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  6. This is funny. I guess I never really knew what ‘streaming’ entertainment even meant. I don’t stream anything or say it! haha 🙂

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  9. Stream and streaming has come to mean something entirely different. Like the word “gay”. My Mother used to say she had a “gay” time to mean she’s had fun. Well…… I rest my case.

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  10. David Letterman always used to refer to his show as a program. And it always seemed a bit off to me. Now I know! A program is on radio and a show is on TV!

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  11. “Stream” is shorthand for the source of the entertainment to me. “Watched”: TV or DVD-player or older. “Listened to”: Radio or hi-fi or older. “Streamed”: You got it off the interwebs.

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