The Monday Peeve 43

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the #TMP tag, link back to me (or not), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen. I have feelings!

So… fireworks. I love to watch a professional display of fireworks, though I haven’t for a few years now. They’re gorgeous and dramatic, and it’s fun to hang with family/friends as they’re going off spectacularly. Unfortunately, socializing is pretty much on hold right now, or should be, so I stayed home alone this past 4th. But I got to hear fireworks, from around 7pm until past midnight… and that’s not counting all the random “test” fireworks people have been shooting off the last couple weeks. Saturday night’s craziness was unlike any 4th I’ve experienced before: an unrelenting solid block of rolling thunder punctuated by occasional huge blasts. Periodically sirens shrieked down the street and car alarms activated. Hour after hour. BECAUSE FREEDUMB!

That’s what it’s all about here in the USA: do what you want, and f*ck any consideration for neighbors and the community at large. Gotta blast off my rockets, don’t care if people have infants, don’t care if it terrifies dogs and horses. ME ME ME. That’s what matters. Me! My pleasures. My whims. My fun. That’s why some people won’t wear masks. It’s slightly unpleasant and that’s just too much to ask in aMErica. Don’t care if it helps others. Why should people care about each other anyway?

Now, I can’t stand our current WH occupant just as much as anyone, but this isn’t his fault. We’ve always been selfish and horrible. Remember the fuss people made when airlines did away with peanuts? Why should I care about someone suffocating from anaphylactic shock when I want to chomp on some salted nuts in the skies? People got angry about the installation of ramps and special doors to accommodate wheelchairs. And god forbid we print things in multiple languages to help others understand directions or whatever. That’s such an imposition on ME ME ME. I might have to unfold an extra piece of paper, omg, the agony!

Selfishness is at the root of all this. I don’t pretend to have any idea how to fix it, but we are just people here same as anywhere. Why do folks in other countries have fewer issues with being kind and considerate? Or so I read. I haven’t actually been anywhere.


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29 responses to “The Monday Peeve 43

  1. blindzanygirl

    It’s the same here Paula, I can assure you. It does my head in too.

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  2. I think “aMErica” is a brilliant construct (there is probably a correct word to describe what you did there but I don’t know what it is). As for the illegal fireworks going on long into the night because, you know, it’s a constitutional right and we need this because, you know, the virus, please don’t get me started.

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  3. Oh yes, the noise and din this year was way worse.

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  4. Fireworks, sirens and car alarms all together! I would’ve gone totally out of sense!

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  5. FREEDUMB indeed.

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  6. Exactly! Love the way you did freedumb and aMErica!

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  7. I heard on the news this morning that there are a lot of fires burning out west because of fireworks and I think this should be left to professionals especially when it is dry and winds are blowing the fires out of control.

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  8. Fortunately, where I live, I didn’t hear any fireworks. They are illegal in my county and town. But this morning’s headline in my local paper read “Fireworks for 4th set off hundreds of blazes.” This is FreeDUMB.

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  9. People, not Americans, are self-centered. Not all, but you do notice the ones who make a fuss in public. Personally, I’m impressed with how the US tries to make things accessible for the disabled, unlike Norway, which has some heart-breaking and disturbingly shitty discussions about why We Have to Accommodate a Minority! In the US, public entrance doors are automatic and with no steps. Which actually makes life easier For Everyone. See how that works, Lutefisk for Brains? Anyway, it seems that current times are bringing out the worst in some people (nations) and Hey, we’ve got this! in others. Also: Leadership matters. Setting an example matters.

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  13. I was going to keep my large mouth shut today, but the best laid plans etc etc… here’s my contribution:

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  14. Oh good grief! What a cacophony of noise. Animals get really frightened but fireworks too. Mercifully we did not have any here this year either for our July 1st Canada Day or for July 4th for your holiday.

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  15. Yes!! Selfish, entitled… “We’re the greatest country on Earth! We’re all entitled to a house with a white picket fence, 2 cars in the garage and a chicken in every pot… cuz we were BORN” 🤦‍♀️ people believe that crap!
    Fixing it wouldn’t be so hard if people thought about other people. What’s best for the greater good might be uncomfortable for me this time, but awesome for me next time. But no, I want MINE now, forget everyone else.

    Black Friday as a lifestyle🤦‍♀️😡

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