30 Day Film Challenge 1

30 day film challenge

I found this fun challenge at Sandmanjazz. As I did with the books (not the bingo, but the 30 days), I’m going to do these movies in blocks. So instead of a post a day for 30 days, I’ll have 6 posts total. Here’s my first set of films…

1. The first movie I remember seeing in a cinema was The Sound of Music. I was about 5 years old. I loved it then and I love it now. Wonderful music. Julie Andrews was spectacular. ❤️🎶

2. I didn’t watch films on repeat as a child. We saw movies once each and then walked back 5 miles in the snow to huddle in front of our black and white television.

3. A film that makes me LOL to this day is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s hysterical!

4. The Big Short begins with “the” and is an excellent movie besides. I just adore Steve Carell. (Not in Space Force though. I really wanted to like it, but meh.)

5. I always say Alex & Emma is underrated. It’s a super funny movie about writer’s block… and it’s also a romcom. I pretty much love any movie with Kate Hudson.


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14 responses to “30 Day Film Challenge 1

  1. I love how Windex cures everything in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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  2. Kate Hudson is great, just like her Mama!

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding IS hysterical!! My girls & I quote that movie all the time. And John Corbett…😍 I’ve liked him since Northern Exposure.

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  3. I think the first movie I saw in theatre might have been either Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the first Batman movie that Michael Keaton was in. I was 10-ish and it felt so grown up to go with my friends to the dinky little town movie theatre.

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  4. I like this, Paula! Mind if I borrow it? 😊

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  5. ❤ You know I am a huge Sound of Music fan! ❤
    …and you are so right about MBFGW it is so so funny.

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  6. I would struggle to answer these. Partly because my childhood was a bit derailed. (Moving countries will do that.)

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  7. Do you want to know mine?
    1. The first movie I ever saw in a movie theater was Snow White. It was my favorite movie for a long time.
    2. I watched West Side Story every year when it was replayed on TV.
    3. I remember laughing out loud when I saw The Nude Bomb, which was the first Get Smart movie, with Don Adams. They were driving in Germany, and there was a sign on the road with a skull and crossbones that said “Achtung!” And Max said, “Just our luck, we run into a poisonous achtung!”
    4. The Sting begins with “The”, and it became my favorite movie when I saw it.
    5. Green Book did win the Oscar for best picture, but I choose it as underrated, because many people said it didn’t deserve to win. I thought it deserved to win.

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