Fictionalized Fiction

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Hey, I never do these Fibbing Fridays, but Di @ Pensitivity101 chose books…

1. War and Peace ~ this is a collection of short stories written by divorce lawyers. Mostly war, but occasional peace when a respondent drops dead from an avalanche of paperwork.

2. The Green Mile ~ poetry written by ex-husbands who felt “taken to the cleaners” by divorce attorneys. Some lovely rhymes in here such as billable/killable.

3. Dances with Wolves ~ confessions from recently divorced men about how they had to conceal assets from greedy ex-wives. Names changed to protect the guilty.

4. Jaws ~ mothers-in-law dish on the terrible marital choices their children made. They have a lot to say and this book never ends. Literally!

5. The Wind in the Willows ~ Mr. and Mrs. Willows buy a windmill farm and end up arguing so much over which direction to face the windmills they get divorced.

6. The Deserter ~ true story of a woman who ghosted her annoying husband and ran off to live in the wilderness. Spoiler: she lived happily ever after.

7. One Shot ~ dystopian novel of a post-divorce society where people get one chance at a romance, and if things don’t work out they’re sentenced to death. Odd how many still break up, knowing they will be hunted down and killed.

8. It ~ clever little story from the point of view of a gross, disgusting blob of who even knows what that grew in the fridge because a husband didn’t like to throw anything away. Icky but funny!

9. Independence Day ~ bizarre tale of a man and a woman who meet the day their divorces are final and then decide to get married again. Wacky and unbelievable!

10. The Count of Monte Cristo ~ husband and wife researchers travel to an ancient mountain village where all the people are rumored to have happy marriages. They never make it because he won’t stop and ask for directions.


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21 responses to “Fictionalized Fiction

  1. this is one of your more inspired posts! Golf clap! Love it!

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  2. Cynical but excellent! Love it Paula. Thanks for playing along.

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  3. All of these movies are about relationships that fell apart.

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  4. 😆 Now whom do I sue because I choked on my coke (drink) while reading this? I bet some of those divorce lawyers are free…not in their FEES of course, but available to hire. Do they do pro bono work, you suppose?


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  5. I’m sensing a theme…🤔 can’t quite put my finger on it… oh well, it’ll come to me.
    Exceptional Fibbin’!😂 I do believe your pants are on fire🤥👖🔥🧯

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  6. Laughing out loud for real! I want to pick one favorite, but I can’t – they are all my favorite, and I’d like to read all of them! 🙂

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  7. Ha! I would read these versions of the classics!

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  8. Hilarious. What a great idea 🙂

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  9. LOL!!! Love your wit and cleverness!

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