The Safe Zone

Anxious bitmoji

She’d finally escaped to the safe zone. Now she could have a respite from his impulsive behavior. She didn’t even want to imagine what crazy thing he was doing while she was gone. It was so nice just to relax, even if the air was a bit gelid in here. Next time she would bring a sweater.

Ugh! She heard him outside the door. Dammit, he’d found her… and she had been so careful too. Suddenly, it was quiet again. Too quiet. Cautiously, she opened the door and peeked out.

“MROW!” her kitty dashed into the storage room and began biting her feet.

Dang. Her respite was over. “Luckily, you’re cute, Rambo,” she said to the mischievous furball. 🐱


©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

Image credited to Bitmoji.

21 responses to “The Safe Zone

  1. Ha a good one.

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  2. 😂 Dang Kitties!😡 They are SO lucky they’re cute. 🐱
    Love the misdirection😉

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  3. Great twist….wasn’t expecting the cat.

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  4. This is the first story I have read in five days and I really enjoyed it
    The build up seemed like one of those movies where an abusive husband finds his wife.
    I absolutely loved the ending .

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  5. Ha! Domestic violence feline style. Cute.

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  6. Excellent 🙂 I wonder how many cats are actually named Rambo? In truth l have known two in the last 15 years .

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  8. Love the build-up and twist!

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