Philosophical Share

Melanie gives us some brain-crunchy Q’s this week…

1. Must we have evidence to know the truth?

I do, but lots of other people just go with “faith.” If I don’t have tangible evidence of X, or a collection of behaviors/events (including emotional states) to make X obvious, the truth of X remains an open question. I may still take action though. Sometimes you have to.

2. How much control does a person have over their life?

None. Isn’t that freeing? I just read about this in Mark Manson’s book too. Control is an illusion, but you are responsible for all your choices, including your emotional reactions.

3. What is gravity and how does it work?

It’s the irresistible attraction of a pen to a kitty, who must knock it off the table to see if it will fall to the center of the earth.

4. Can a person be happy if they have never experienced sadness?  How about vice versa?

No. You need opposing states to compare, which is why I quit dating.

Please feel free to share a song, a poem, a quote or an image or photo to show what you were grateful for during this past week.  (Optional as always).

This seems appropriate for these times… so grateful for friends who hook me up with interesting music!


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17 responses to “Philosophical Share

  1. Love your answers, specially about control. I agree that we only have the illusion of control

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  2. That is such a lovely song.

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  3. I’m with you on evidence. If there’s nothing to back up a belief, then it’s an opinion, not a fact.

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  4. Thanks Paula for Sharing Your World and some interesting new music! ♪♫♪ Wonderful answers! 🙂

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  5. The thing is, cats see pens as toys. For that matter, anything they can knock on the floor is a toy. We had a couple of cats who loved to play with coins. We got good enough to be able to tell the denomination (“Kittyface has a dime!”).

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  6. thumbs up 🙂

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  7. Interesting answers.
    And I love your definition of gravity. 🐈

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