5 Things [I Enjoyed Doing During Lockdown]

Bitmoji relaxing with book

Dr. Tanya returns with the #5Things topic for today: 5 things I enjoyed doing during the lockdown.

1. Nothing! That’s right ~ I enjoyed doing nothing for a while. I’d been super tired, without a real vacation for years, so it was lovely just to chill. 🥰

2. Reading! I’ve read several books over the last few months. It’s been great to have the time to participate in some fun reading challenges. 📚

3. Writing! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made significant progress on my novel Ghosted. 👻

4. Organizing! I bought lucite holders from Target and straightened up all the junk in my bathroom. Rearranged some other misc stuff as well. 👍🏻

5. Bonding! Spending so much time at home has allowed my roommate’s cat to become more comfortable with me. She hangs out with me now while I’m at my laptop. Of course, my own kitty has had more quality time with me too. 🐱

Striped kitty face

Here she is, purring on my lap. ❤️❤️❤️


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Images from Bitmoji and me.

12 responses to “5 Things [I Enjoyed Doing During Lockdown]

  1. She’s a pretty girl! Not as good looking as Gatsby of course (can he read?🙀)…

    I wish I could do nothing… and read… oh…I did read one book. And I’m obviously writing TONS more. Congrats on the Ghosted progress! 🎉🙌

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  2. Doing nothing seems like a dream

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  3. Thank you for an interesting account of your favourite activities Paula.
    I particularly liked
    And bonding with cats.

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  4. Happy to hear about progress with novel and cat! Good going!

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  5. haven’t been out of the woods for four months so i’ve been made to experience the pandemic online. i’ve been passing the time like yourself, reading, writing, organizing and for the first time seriously bonding with myself.

    good luck with your book.


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