Soul’s Dark Night

Demons in the dark with glowing eyes

Ripples across a receptive mind
Disturb the soul’s dark night;
Awakening comes slowly as
Suggestions of connections
Form then dissolve again.
There is no space
For revelations
Until ancient demons
Are forced to vacate.
Some go quietly;
Others scream in outrage,
Their claws sunk deeply
In the foundation.
When the last devil is pulled
From the cave,
You stare into its face:
A mirror.

Image credited to Pexels.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Sunday Prompt.

16 responses to “Soul’s Dark Night

  1. Love this Paula

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  2. Very cool! I especially like the last 4 lines😻

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  3. This is good Paula.

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  4. Thanks for adding your verse to the prompt. I hope mornings aren’t always that hard to face. 😉

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  5. You really let your darkness out on this poem Paula, great job.

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  6. Great Lines Paula ❤

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