Bingo Update 10

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Book challenge bingo

For the dystopian novel, I chose Snow and Ash by Theresa Shaver. This is first in a series of 4 books, so the ending wasn’t a grand finale, but that’s okay. It’s in the teen and young adult science fiction category, but maybe that’s good for me because I like stories about people and don’t want to get all bogged down in loads of narrative on geopolitical barf and the actual details of what thermonuclear war specifically would do. It’s bad, mmkay? We don’t even know why all the countries attacked each other and let fly at Canada too… what did they ever do? But who cares. On with it!

Great characters (two main, Skylar and Rex) and good side characters, especially Marsh the skateboarder, made the story stand out for me. They seemed like real teenagers coping with a horrible situation and having to mature quickly. The pacing and surprises were excellent. Except for the inevitable romantic attraction between Sky and Rex, the twists were unpredictable.

But the book had a lot of problems, sorry to say. It was absolutely loaded with errors. There were tense errors, POV flips, elided words, inconsistent tenses, missing quotes, on and on. This stuff stops the reader from fully immersing in the story. You have to step back and go huh? Who said that? It’s really a shame. I’ll probably not continue on with the series because of this. 😞


Image from Kriti & Ariel.

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3 responses to “Bingo Update 10

  1. I hate when an editor (or lack of) ruins a story. Too bad☹

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