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You may have noticed, if you pay attention to such things, that my “follower count” just dropped by 1200 or so. No worries! That is not a real number. Those were my tweeters, and I delinked Twitter. Last night I realized that my blog posts get practically no engagement there, so it’s pointless to keep sending my posts over every time one goes live. They just sit there like a smelly old salami no one wants on their sandwich.

My use of Twitter is almost exclusively for poetry prompts and a tiny bit of politics. I like to see what’s trending there so I know the major news of the day right away. It also gives me hot takes on celebs, and I confess that I still like to know what some of them are up to. There are miscellaneous accounts I follow, such as the earthquake bot, which I find useful.

But Twitter and Blogville never integrated in any meaningful way for me, unlike say the way Facebook used to. I may send posts over to FB again, but not all of them. We’ll see. The problem with FB is that people will discuss the post there, not here, so later when I check comments on a post, I won’t see the full convo here on my blog. Annoy!

I blocked someone on Twitter last night for hijacking a post from here (which is what prompted the review of my posts there). People are so rude and thoughtless… and tempers are short now. There is no reason to put up with obnoxious behavior online, none. I see people unfriending others on FB all the time for being jerks, and I get it. If you disagree and can’t be decent about it, go sulk in private or start your own post on the topic. Don’t take over mine!

So far so good regarding my return to FB. I haven’t even been that careful, but I don’t go on and on either. I don’t need to have the last word on other people’s threads. I say what I want to say and get out. I think it’s rude to get into arguments on posts that aren’t your own. I don’t like it when others take over one of my threads for their own ego fest either. Go yell in front of a mirror!

It’s always men… 🙄


Image originally found at Pixabay.

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24 responses to “Unlinked Twitter…

  1. I closed my Twitter account a while ago. But a few days back I noticed that by some fluke, another account by same name as mine was being linked to my blog. With some weird content. So I delinked the Twitter from my blog.

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  2. Hahaha….So well said. Love your take on the hijacking of posts. Totally with you on that.

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  3. I’m linked but I haven’t even been over there in months. I’ve thought about shutting in down but🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s the only other thingy I have.
    Younger Daughter says I should set up an Insta for Sven🤦‍♀️😂😂

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  4. Glad it is Paula. Always look for your posts.

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  5. I made one Tweet about two years ago and I have not been back since,

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  6. I’m still on Twitter but I can’t figure out why I’m on Instagram!

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  7. I’m tempted to do the same, because Twitter is a bit of a sewer to start with, but I think I’ll leave it go for a while longer…


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  9. It’s always men… 🙄 haha quietly chortling in corner.


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