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I was thinking about switching to the new SYW pic Melanie has up for this week’s post, but I love this old one too much to give it up. Let’s get to the questions, shall we? πŸ˜€

1. How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?

I’m not comfortable with large groups of people period. (This predates the virus.) Sometimes I don’t even want to be in small groups either! But I can speak if I have to. I did a couple rounds of open mic stand-up comedy in front of 50 folks or so to prove I could. I also gave a speech at my daughter’s wedding in front of around 75 people. But I’d rather not do those types of things ever again.😝

2. What would be the best thing you could reasonably expect to find in a cave?

My common sense after peering in to tell me to turn right around and get the hell out of there. πŸ¦‡

3. What did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to be horrible?

My last romance (2016). πŸ’”

4. What’s the silliest thing you’ve observed someone get upset about?

I observed the entire internet collectively freak out over an unsatisfactory ending to a TV show we’d all been watching for some time. People were very angry because the wrong character killed the bad guy and the beautiful queen destroyed a city and on and on. Folks are still complaining about it over a year later. πŸ™„

Please feel free to share something that gave you an uplifted spirit during this past week.  (Optional)

Well… I already shared how thrilled I was to see my family last Tuesday (yikes, was that a week ago already?)… just talking to them over FaceTime since then, I guess. I’m very grateful for that technology especially now with my little granddaughter so we can see each other. 😍 It’s great when my eldest can join in too.


No clue where this image is from, but it’s not mine.

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14 responses to “Silly Sharing

  1. Doing that comedy turn must have taken so much courage. I could never do that.

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  2. What show was that? I’m guessing *Game of Thrones*, even though I haven’t seen any of it…

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    • You got it. The last season was a big disappointment… but it’s really just a TV show. People need to get a grip. This is part of the problem with waiting so long for an ending too and why I prefer movies to series in the first place!

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  3. Thank Good for the technology that helps us to stay in touch with our loved ones.

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  4. Thanks Paula for Sharing Your World! Classic (as to the logo) is just need to change at all! I liked the common sense in the cave. I don’t like caves much myself (a bit of claustrophobia I think). I’m perhaps the one person on the planet who never watched “Game of Thrones” NOR “Walking Dead”. They just didn’t catch my interest somehow. I do recall a similar reaction to (this dates me horribly) “Dallas” (who killed JR and if he would STAY DEAD) and the Big Bang Theory. Sometimes the story immerses us so much that to have it not turn out like we’d wish it to is frustrating!

    I’m very glad you got to visit with your family in real time and virtually! That’s awesome! Have a fabulous week! πŸ™‚

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  5. Yay for getting to see the family again! Lol at people complaining about the tv show! Some people eh?

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