5 Things [I Miss During Lockdown]

Ticket to Ride New York

1. I miss going to work in my office every day. I’m one of those rare souls who dislikes working from home. I don’t like to slob around in grungy clothes, graze at the fridge all day, and procrastinate until I end up doing my work late at night. So annoying! Not to mention all the noise from gardeners, cats, etc. I like to work at work.

2. I miss playing Ticket to Ride, my favorite board game. Other games are doable over Zoom (not that I like Zoom that much, different issue), but you really need to play TTR in person. I could go on indefinitely with remote games… except for the loss of TTR.

3. I miss being able to grab a coffee in a Starbucks (or wherever) and sit for a few minutes while zoning out with my phone… or even having lunch somewhere by myself at a little table and reading on my phone or gazing out the window. I guess we can start doing this again, but I’m not inclined to expose myself to germs for no reason. It just seems foolish.

4. I miss being able to fly up to Northern California to see my daughter and her hubby, and I don’t feel comfortable flying yet or going through an airport. Maybe I’ll drive up at some point, though that’s no fun at all. Seven hours on the road each way, gah.

5. I miss being able to hang out with my younger daughter in Los Angeles and her family, go to the park, or grab lunch, whatever. I can see them now, but it’s still pretty limited.

I don’t remember where I grabbed this TTR image. How are we supposed to keep track of all the images floating around in our library?

Written for Dr. Tanya’s #5Things Prompt.

21 responses to “5 Things [I Miss During Lockdown]

  1. I miss being able to have a coffee out too and be able to just people watch.

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  2. Soon hopefully we will have normality

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  3. So many things like work, eating out or grabbing a coffee that we used to take for granted seem so special now.
    You sometimes don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  4. I so miss a proper coffee, seeing family and going for runs.

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  5. Missing meeting the family is really big disadvantage of lock down.

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  6. I miss traveling too. Normally I’d have been out of the state twice by this time and planning some local trips for the rest of the Summer.

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  7. I miss a lot during lockdown too even though now we’re opening back up again! I am sad that you have been missing so much!


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  9. I miss the feeling of freedom to go where I want without having to think about the rules, mouth masks and germs!

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  10. I miss going to an office too. Your #1 is me! And I miss spontaneous trips, drives, flights, shopping stops, grocery stops, etc. I also miss feeling like I know what tomorrow will be like.

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  11. I still feel weird about going out in public, riding the bus. Shopping is no problem, but I’m not sure about everything else. We still have to work from home half the time until September. I do dress properly; gets me in work mode.

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  12. I miss going for coffee too. Although I can sit on the patio at a restaurant I don’t think I want to do it yet. Today they announced that we can increase our bubble (man I hate that term) and we can HUG!!

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