To My Dearest Darling…

Blue door in woods

I heard from a mutual friend that you changed your phone number and email address after you moved because of a stalker. That must have been such a terrifying ordeal and you have my utmost sympathies. I know what a sensitive person you are and can only imagine the stress that put you through. I hope you’ve rallied now and regained your playful smile, which is one of my favorite things about you. I still gaze at that photo of us together… do you remember the sunny day at the fair? The fortune teller said our destinies were intertwined, remember? I hope you have forgiven me for tricking you into riding the monster coaster, but I think you enjoyed it after you stopped screaming. Anyway, with all the tasks that occupied your mind while moving, you seem to have forgotten to give me your forwarding info, but I found you nevertheless! It took quite a bit of determination, but I’m not one to let a connection slide. No, not me, and here’s a secret… I feel more for you than mere friendship. It’s time to acknowledge the truth, darling! I finally located your cute cabin deep in the woods with your signature blue door and was so pleased that my efforts had paid off. So I will just push this letter under your door and wait for you to come out and greet me. I don’t mind sitting here against the belly of this shady tree for however long it takes. I brought camping supplies. I really miss you, dearest…


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #69 and Mindlovemisery’s Sunday Writing Prompt “Secret Admirer.”

Image credited to Zane Lee at Unsplash.

21 responses to “To My Dearest Darling…

  1. Cleverly put together but creepy Paula! Thanks for the inclusion. I appreciate it.

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  2. That actually made me shudder.

    Then I started drumming up hunting accident scenarios. I get over shuddering quickly.

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  3. Love the story!
    On the surface it’s all sweet and good, but then you get the undercurrent of creepiness and omg – realization hits! 🙂

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  4. Oh ho! Clever. She may come out with a club to hot him in his stubborn head. 🤪

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  5. I knew where you were going with this. You’ve gotten into the headspace of a stalker so well. I call this stalker a sitting duck for her rifle with a scope.


  6. Shotgun loaded with rock salt will explain her feelings very well!
    Well done, Paula! 😻You’re good at writing bad guys.👹

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  7. Lovely and creepy at the same time 🤪

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  8. She sounds like a real sicko. No wonder he went into hiding!

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  9. awww! so romantic! ❤ ❤

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  10. Wow, this was extremely creepy. the picture of the hut in the ground is a good place to put what remains of the stalker.

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