Bingo Update 9

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Bingo book challenge

So far, I’ve been enjoying this reading challenge as it’s pushed me to read genres I normally avoid. I was definitely in a rut (not that I didn’t love my romances and thrillers, but still). That came to a halt when I began The Dead Game by Susanne Leist, a sci-fi/fantasy novel in the young adult genre.

First, this book wasn’t proofread. It was filled with grammatical errors and POV slips. Sloppy! Second, the motivation of the main character to continue barreling along into the face of death was completely unclear. She had no real ties to Oasis, being relatively new in town. Why not pack up and leave? Noooo! Must solve demon mystery because…? Who knows. Third, the story of the vampires, hybrid vampires, and the war between the vampires was just a big senseless mishmash. There was also a blur of unnecessary characters and clumsy misdirection.

Just because a novel is for young adults doesn’t mean it can’t have a solid story with excellent writing. I’ve already read three on my bingo card. Two were in the fantasy realm: Salt and Silver by River K. Scott, and A Dream of Fire by JR Rasmussen. Both were excellent. Oh well. Moving on…

For my other than third person book, I read Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Oh my gosh, what a fun book! This is written in an “interview” format, as if Daisy and the six members of a band were being interviewed by the author about their life stories, mostly having to do with their experiences as a superstar rock band. Their voices seemed so real that I had to keep reminding myself it was all fiction. The ending is a bit of a fun surprise too and then sad… but not sad in the way I thought it would be. I highly recommend this novel.

Only 4 books to go! 😻


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4 responses to “Bingo Update 9

  1. I liked Daisy Jones too… for dystopian you could just list fox news🙊

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