Pandemic Posts? Pshaw…

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Dr. Tanya asks about posting in the pandemic…

1. How frequently do you post about the pandemic?

Not a lot. At first, I thought I would do some funny “coping” posts, but they weren’t funny and I wasn’t coping all that well, so I stopped. I had planned to walk in interesting new places, but then Governor Newsom closed the beaches and parks, so pffft.

2. What kind of “post about the pandemic” to you like to read?

None. I mean, I like reading about bloggers’ thoughts and experiences, so of course when the pandemic is part of that, sure. But I don’t want to see links to news articles or copypastas of other people’s writing from CNN or FOX or Medium or Slate or GOD FORBID tweets from you-know-who.

3. How have you and your blog adapted to “the new normal?”

I simply float through the days waiting to return to my office full-time and see my family when I want to. There is nothing good about this and I see no reason to pretend there is.

4. Have you seen any change in your blog stats during the pandemic. Also, are you posting more or less than you used to?

I don’t pay attention to stats. I used to have a sitemeter to track who was visiting and put labels on them, but I quit doing that and deleted it. Enough obsessions already! Every day, when I look at notifications in order to reply to comments, I notice that I have new followers (2 or 3). Usually, these are what I call “professional” bloggers, meaning they are trying to sell me something without participating in our community of chit-chatters. I don’t follow them back. Occasionally, a new follower interests me and I follow back… in most cases, they are fellow writers. Not always.

I have been posting less in 2020 because I’ve been writing Ghosted, though honestly I find it hard to focus lately and just end up playing solitaire or doing my “happy coloring.” I read the news way too much and have vowed yet again to cut back. Nothing really has motivated me to get back into writing flash fiction or poetry, though I see a couple prompts this morning that look good. Maybe June 1 is a good day to get going on those again!


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26 responses to “Pandemic Posts? Pshaw…

  1. Gosh! I totally understand you. It has been hard to be motivated to write during this time when I thought it would be a best time to do my writing. I am just now realizing what I need to do. Thinking of you and all our fellow writers during ALL “this mess”! xo

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  2. There are a lot of those professional bloggers. I like it when at least the names are amusing to help spice things up a bit.

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  3. Happy coloring app is addictive!

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  4. I desperately tried to not write about the pandemic but it just kinda crept into most things. I will be so pleased to get back to some in pandemic posts – eventually.

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    • Yeah… it creeps in… don’t like to be lectured though as if I’m unable to read the news myself and ugh those who insist on posting conspiracy videos… well… 👋


  5. WP is buggin today! The first time I went through my reader, NONE of your posts showed… I was even a little concerned about you cuz no Peave. I guess it’s a good thing I skipped over a travel blog and came back to it, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen any of your posts today. And I’d still be worried.😠 Dang WP…

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  6. I suggest you cut down on news updates. Just check the news once or twice a day to stay informed. The news stresses me out, pandemic or otherwise so I keep it to a minimum.
    The less anxiety you have the more you will be able to create.
    You and I need to try and keep our stress and anxiety levels low since they can trigger headaches.

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  7. In the beginning, when it was novel, when lockdown was novel, I had things to say. As time went on I settled into a routine, and since I’ve been working full-time, even from home, no writing energy because nothing new to tell or no energy to tell it. Probably just as well. I haven’t felt the pinch like others have.

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  9. Great thoughts! Now educate me. What is ‘ghosted’? I suspect I may have picked up someone who does that and it’s annoying as heck IF ‘ghosting’ is what I think it is! Thanks! 😀

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    • It’s when someone simply disappears without explanation. This happens a lot before you meet them. They’ll quit replying over text (or wherever you’re chatting), leaving you to wonder what the heck happened. It can also happen at any point in a relationship though… after one date or 10 years of marriage. Poof! Gone…

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  10. OH! Well then, it’s not what I thought it was. I’ve been ghosted by several bloggers, and I figured they just didn’t have time to keep up with their blog or they lost interest in doing it (I’ve known three who fell into that last category). One or two have died too. I run with an ‘older’ crowd mostly (exceptions like yourself of course). I thought “ghost’ must be where someone ‘lifts’ a blog post (in entirety) and although they may put your name as the one who wrote that post, they never say a single word on their blog except to paste your post content into the space. I don’t understand doing THAT at all… O_o but then I sort of live under a rock. Which is why I didn’t know what “ghost’ was! Thanks Paula!

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