I Have A Spray Bottle…

… and I’m not afraid to use it!

Fighting kitties

Look what I have to put up with when I’m trying to work or write at home. Whatever happened to the idea of two kitties playing nicely and snuggling up together for naps? Nope! They never cuddle cutely. They are always hissing and mrowing and smacking each other. Annoying.

Kitty face-off

Spraying them with water always stops their shenanigans… for a few minutes anyway. 🙄


Images are mine.

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21 responses to “I Have A Spray Bottle…

  1. Uh oh. A perturbation in the kitty balance of power.

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  2. Like Sophie and Diesel. I just “ppsssst!” at them, but that isn’t the prompt is it?😂😻

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  3. I love spraying the cats with water to get them to behave.

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  4. Looks like when Dotty first invaded Mlady’s domain. They aren’t friends yet, but they can tolerate looking out of the same window now. When 2HL started hanging out by the back slider, Dotty, usually timid, went after Mlady when Mlady wouldn’t get out of the way. Dotty has also jumped down to scare Mlady a few times when she’s walked past her favorite sleeping spot. They have water bottles at the shelter which works very well. At home, I just go SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! and they break it up and run.

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  5. Now I miss the days when we had more than one cat. At one time or another, all our cats were at each other’s throats….

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  6. My cats do this too. They wake me up almost every morning running around.😹

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  7. It reminds me of Freja’s first months in our home… She wasn’t a very turbulent kitten, but she did like jumping on tables and counters, and that’s a big “no” by my rules. I used the spraying bottle to train her, and even now, just making a “pshh” sound makes her run away LOL

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  8. Lol they’re so cute

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  9. I’ve never had multiple cats before, and I’m glad to know their constant posturing and hissing and bitch-slaps, in short the endless drama that turns them into diminutive furry teenagers, is relatively normal. Now and then we’ll shout “HEY!” whereupon someone will walk away with slow dignity while the other glares in relief. But that doesn’t change anything. We’re thinking a water pistol will be fun. Or see who reacts to the laser.

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    • I’ve never experienced this level of hostility before with two cats. In the past, I think one was clearly dominant and that was that. Or they were equally mellow. But these two both wanna be the boss! That said, they don’t actually fight… they mostly make noise and run 😳


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