FPQ71: Senioritis

Fandango’s provocative question

Fandango provocatively asks…

How old are you* and how old do you feel — older or younger than your actual chronological age? Do you generally act your age? And what does “acting your age” mean to you?

*If you’re uncomfortable revealing your actual age, maybe you can just say something like, “I’m in my twenties.” Or fifties. Or “I’m a senior citizen.”

I turned 59 during the lockdown. It was not a big deal… although my family gifted me a new phone, which was awesome. ❤️ The fact that I didn’t have a celebration with a cake and such didn’t bother me at all. I had plane tix to fly to Northern California and visit family, and I was sad that couldn’t happen. Dunno when I’ll be able to go…

Do I feel 59? I don’t know. What should 59 feel like? There are lots of people my age (and older) who are way more physically active than I am, but I wasn’t physically active at 39 or even 19! I’ve always been a chair potato. More things hurt now though. Seems like pains don’t go away but simply accumulate. Parts of me I never noticed before suddenly have nerve endings. What’s up with that? I’ll go for a walk and the side of my foot will hurt. Huh? 🙁

Do I act 59? Again, how should a 59-year-old behave? I am definitely a mature and responsible person. But I think in the last few years my behavior has changed even more… I attribute that to my last failed attempt at a relationship. Perhaps it is due to age and this would not have affected me the same 10 or 15 years ago. This time, I just said the hell with putting myself out there and taking chances on people. I’m done. I can’t handle another go-round of stress and drama.

I notice people of all ages seeking conflict because they’re bored, and I notice people of all ages avoiding drama. So I don’t think this is age related, necessarily, even though for me it does seem that I handled stress better when I was younger. My aching head and tired bones don’t appreciate the adrenaline surge that gets my heart racing and makes it harder to sleep. No thanks.

But you know what? The fact that I’m now a grandma (she’s almost 2!) does make me feel older and I’m good with that! 💖💖💖

Great question!


Image from Fandango himself.

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17 responses to “FPQ71: Senioritis

  1. Hey
    I had a birthday in the lockdown too last week.
    I think I will write a Fpq post about it.

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  2. Very sensible answer. Being a grandma is the best feeling!

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  3. Happy belated birthday. I;ve got no kids, so no grandkids either, but I do feel old when I realise I have several nephews in their 50s and I remember bouncing them on my knee!!!

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  4. I was 40 when Ben was born. I couldn’t even say the word “grandson”… too bizarre to me. I still don’t feel like a Gramma (whatever a Gramma is supposed to feel like)…it’s just my other name.🤷🏼‍♀️ My body feels old, especially when it wont do what I want it to do😠 I’m still childish and goofy, but mature and responsible (those two since about age 5🙄). What is “age”? The number of years we’ve been on the planet has nothing to do with our lives or the obstacles we’ve overcome, or our failures.
    Okay, going down a philosophical side road… 🛑✋

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  5. Sorry you weren’t able to fly to NoCal to visit your family for your birthday. Maybe next year, right?

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  6. Loooove everything you said.

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  7. Garsh darn it. I keep meaning to wish you a happy birthday ever since I saw George Clooney had his. Happy belated birthday! ❤
    I liked turning 59. I think it's because next birthday up is a big ticket item. It's making me baffled and giddy at the same time. I can't believe I'm this old! Whoo!

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