Changes… [socs]

Colorful children’s blocks

Changing things up by choosing the challenging block editor to format this post. Will it check out okay or turn into a chaotic disaster? We shall see! I’m a bit scared in starting this new chapter of bloggery, but sometimes you can’t be a chicken and you have to simply charge ahead and cross that channel. Choices make our characters, right? I don’t want to be chained to the classic editor if this one is better and all it takes is a simple leap of faith (off my lazy chair) to learn a few new tricks to get the hang of it. Cheers!


Image found on Google.

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22 responses to “Changes… [socs]

  1. Cool! Looks good.

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  2. good luck. I cant figure it out. I am using an app on my mac to blog. and on my phone I still use the classic editor. I cant upload images on my phone using the block editor. so I hope they dont get rid of the classic one.



  3. Yes. Let’s give it a go. See what it can really do.

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  4. Still channeling my inner Scarlett O’Hara…I’ll think about that tomorrow…😂

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  5. Bawwwk, bawwwwk…claiming my chicken status on this. (Note to self: C’mon old dog, learn new tricks!!)

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  6. Cool. I haven’t tried it yet in an actual post, but may post something using the block editor soon.

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  7. I’m not chicken, I’ve just been through the whole “getting to know you” thing with it and found it less than satisfactory.

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  8. After the first couple of annoyances, I’ve found I really like the block editor. Of course, by now they’ve worked out some of the kinks.

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  9. The new editor loves blocks, it likes being blocky and basic .. not to be read as derrogative – not intended – but it likes simple – it doesn’t like complex, it doesn’t like complicated – it can deliver that through its simplicity – but a picture, 2, even three it is happy – blocks of text it is happy … the majority of bloggers will find the new editor l think a very happy medium to work with – l know you have mentioned this recently on Ashley’s post – and you are right and l agree with you.

    Do l like it? No, not right now … but l am sure somewhere in my future …………. l might 🙂

    I don’t like it because it doesn’t like some of my formating BUT l am reconfiguring and Blocky and me will get along nicely and play nicely too 🙂

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