Questions a la Di

Hotel Irvine and candy pink clouds

My posting has been a bit sparse lately. A few reasons. I’ve rejoined Facebook, even though it’s horrible. I’m just lonely in this endless isolation and couldn’t resist the re-connection with my peeps there. Also, I’ve been having trouble sleeping and that’s messed up my creativity. I haven’t felt the urge to write much poetry or flash fiction during the lockdown, since I’m so zoned out. I may end up doing more question type posts or “meanders” for a while.

Di @ Pensitivity101 offered these…

1.  Do you cloud watch?

Yes, I love to look at the sky. It’s beautiful, just as the ocean is. Now, I don’t know the names of the types of clouds or formations of stars, but that doesn’t stop me from taking photos and googling stuff for poems. Actually, this is a good time of year for pretty sunsets here at the California coast. I should go outside sometime again and see. The pic of the Hotel Irvine was taken a few years ago.

2. What is your biggest failure in the kitchen?

Where to begin? I accidentally spilled so much pepper into a veal dish once that I had a tummy ache for a week (my ex was fine with the pepper veal). I brought spicy noodles to a gathering of (mostly) elderly people and no one would eat them. They were pretty spicy! I didn’t have time to bake chocolate chip cookies for a man I was dating and he dumped me. Later he said that the lack of cookies made him feel that I didn’t care about him. 😥

3.  Do you prefer a shower or bath, bubbles or lotion?

Shower only.

4. What do you do to calm yourself when angry?

The best thing for me is to get away from whatever is causing it and go home so I feel safe. Usually I would want to make hot tea, cuddle up in my jammies, and think about what happened. Hopefully I’d be able to talk to one of my daughters about it too.

5. Eggs now: do you prefer them scrambled, boiled, poached, fried or in an omelette?

Depends on my mood. Probably a cheese omelette is my favorite, or eggs scrambled with some shredded cheese in them. I like some sautéed mushrooms with either.

It’s 1:42am and I wish I could go to sleep…


Image is mine.

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27 responses to “Questions a la Di

  1. You’ve a sensible approach towards anger. Better to cool down than to explode. If you get a walk during the day, you may sleep better. It works for me.

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  2. Sucky about your sleep! I’ve been plagued with crazy dreams for months now, so when I DO sleep, I wind up waking myself up to get away from the dreams. It’s very frustrating!
    The sunsets have been beautiful just about every night, a trip to the beach might wash away the psychic kooties🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. Wow, that’s a lot to read into a lack of cookies. Dude needs to start carrying around some Pillsbury cookie dough and a spoon to self-soothe.

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  4. Maybe you should have made the choc chip cookies for the elderly people, and given the super spicy noodles, with extra pepper, to your grumpy date!

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  5. Well, if the lack of homemade chocolate chip cookies turned him off, then he needs to go back to his mama! Maybe he should have brought you some chocolate chip cookies to prove how much he cared…But his mama probably would have made those for him! I agree about the walking thing. I’ve gotten more exercise since I lost my job than I have since I was in the Marine Corps 2 decades ago. I’m sleeping better, feel less stressed and I’ve lost an inch and a half in my waistline. Stretching and doing crunches plus hula hooping an hour a day is good too! 🙂 Hope you can get your creative juices going again.

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  6. I thought you would find this interesting- having intense dreams is a side effect of the stay at home orders and a lot of people are experiencing it. Here’s an article about it:

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  7. I take myself away from the situation when I’m angry too. Thanks for answering. Hope you can get some sleep and get back on the blog wagon.
    That’s a beautiful photograph by the way.
    Take care.

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  8. This is a tough time for creativity oftentimes (at least for me, too); thank you for putting the frustration into words. Sleep, too: it’s not so easy to sleep soundly or to have sweet dreams these days.
    Honesty, that you didn’t have time to be baking cookies for him: 1) wow, that’s the best worst thing he could come up with? You must be pretty incredible, therefore: 2) he was either too stupid, too needy, or too self centered for you, or maybe all three. Sorry, that was not very merciful of me : )

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  10. Hey Good morning to you Paula 🙂

    The 1970’s greeting …

    Have a lovely day!

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