Zoophoria [A-Z Games]


Note: I’m doing the April A-to-Z challenge without signing up or linking back to the main site.

It just figures that I would screw up on my very last A-Z post. I said yesterday I’d blog about Zootopia, but that was wrong. I mean, there is a Zootopia ~ it’s a whole franchise with a kids’ game (Zootopia Suspect Search) and a Disney movie and video game spin-offs, etc.

But that wasn’t what I meant. I had found Zoophoria in a Wikipedia article when I searched for games beginning with Z, and this one sounded really cool. Dunno who the other word had gotten stuck in my brain. Moving on. Let’s discuss Zoophoria, okay? I’ve never played it, but I’d like to! It’s a strategy game (reminds me a bit of Cat Lady + Catan) where players build their own zoo habitats. You begin with 4 animals, 3 employees, and 2 secret targets. You have to keep building onto your habitat (and there are themed exhibits, which sound awesome) while feeding your animals, taking out the trash, avoiding illnesses, adding employees, etc. The player with the most zoo visitors wins. I love this kind of game where you have to plan for the long-term, but still some luck is involved too. Kinda tempted to order one, if priced reasonably…

This is the last post of April 2020 A-Z games. Thank you for playing along! 🎉


Image from Wikipedia.

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10 responses to “Zoophoria [A-Z Games]

  1. Sounds kinda like a Monopoly sort of board game🤔 My knowledge of board games is very limited. Thank you for expanding it! 😻

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  2. Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge, even if you weren’t doing it *officially*! This was a great series!


  3. Haven’t heard of either of these Z games, but this one sounds pretty fun.
    Yay for a great and completed theme for A/Z challenge. It’s been fun learning about games. 🙂


  4. Haven’t heard of either of these Z games, but this one sounds fun. Yay for a great and completed theme for A/Z! It’s been fun reading about all the games. 🙂

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  5. How fun. Just stopping by from John’s recap post. I wish I had known you were doing the A to Z from the beginning. I’ll have to go back and find the rest of your alphabet. Congrats on finishing!

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  6. hi paula! An oldie here, but I wanna play this game also! It sounds fab! xoxo

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