Movie Madness

So, I decided to start watching movies again. Idk why I stopped. Just got out of the habit, I guess. For practical reasons, it’s a good idea for me to sit on the comfy sofa sometimes instead of hunched over my laptop at the kitchen table. Anyway…

1. Timeless Love (Prime). This stars Rachel Skarsten and Brant Daugherty. It’s directed by Brian Brough. I was very pleased with my first choice, as it was a sweet fluffy story about a woman who dreams of a husband and children while in a coma and wakes to find they don’t exist. Naturally, she is distraught. When she mentions her conviction that she believes it was more than a dream, people think she’s nuts. Regardless, she sets about finding this man and making him love her by being her wonderful self. He already has a girlfriend, but obviously she is all wrong for him. This is pure romance with only a tiny bit of conflict that took my mind off the thing.

Note: before I watched this, I began The Cooler with Bill Macy and Alec Baldwin, a Vegas/mobster type movie, but also a love story (Macy and a waitress) that looked gritty and interesting at first. After about 20 minutes, the movie choked, which happens occasionally on Prime, and I didn’t care enough to try again.

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Completely forgot that S10 had come on, yayyy! Oh, this is a treat. Larry is back in top neurotic, cranky form, and each episode is hilarious in and of itself, yet they’re all loosely connected too. What I love about Curb is they aren’t afraid to be absolutely outrageous to the extreme. You simply can’t predict the ridiculousness that will saturate the writing and dialogue. My favorite may have been Adolph the dog, but it’s really hard to choose. I highly recommend this to anyone with a sense of the absurd (and if you don’t mind liberal use of the F-word).

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3. Brittany Runs A Marathon. This is based on a true story. It stars Jillian Bell and is written and directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo. I liked it at first because it was fresh with characters not in the normal mold. But when it became clear that I was to root for a romance between our heroine and some homeless dipsh!t, I lost interest. I began reading stuff on my phone halfway through… though I did tune in again at the end to cheer her on in the marathon. I can’t really recommend the movie though.

4. Prescription for Love. This is another romance directed by Brian Brough ~ I assume it was recommended to me because I watched Timeless Love. But while Timeless Love was sweet, Rx was terrible. Absolutely unwatchable. In fact, I turned it off around a third in. Rx is one of those modern “Cinderella” remakes, supposedly, except it wasn’t in the slightest.

Rx is about a nice nurse (Claire), played by Jillian Murray, who has a mean supervisor, but she has a good life otherwise. While dressed up to see her friend perform in Swan Lake, Claire gets trapped in an elevator with a handsome, charming doctor (Luke), played by Trevor Donovan. They get rescued and fail to exchange contact info; when they meet again at work, he doesn’t recognize her, which is so dumb because she doesn’t look any different! Luke assumes Claire is flirting with him like the other nurses are and gets all grumpy, then tries to apologize and screws that up too. He says he’s “interested in someone else,” which we know refers to the girl from the elevator, but she’s RIGHT THERE. There is just no reason why Luke shouldn’t recognize Claire. Is there some weird prejudice that nurses can’t go to the ballet? I don’t get it. Anyway, instead I put on…

5. Life Itself. This movie killed me. I cried all the way through ~ I don’t mean a single elegant tear rolled down my cheek… no, I literally sobbed. Maybe I should have saved it for a less fragile time when my nerves weren’t so jangled up already. But too late! What’s weird is that some days, for hours and hours, I feel almost numb from this isolation. I just freaking persevere. Hey, it’s mid-April. We’re doing it. We’re getting through it. Maybe things, for most of us, will be all right. I don’t know. Yet, I started watching this film and… blammo!

It’s hard to begin talking about Life Itself without giving anything away. The whole thing is about plot twists. It’s a writer’s movie, which explains why critics hated it. They always scorn writers’ movies. They despised Alex & Emma, which was clever and charming. Life Itself is primarily about unreliable narration. How do you know what really happened? The story is as only as true as the memory of the storyteller. When Will is telling Abby’s story to Cait, we aren’t sure what to believe. Can we trust Will when we know he’s mentally ill? Even if he is relaying the story accurately, what about Abby? How do we know she told the truth to Will? I find these sorts of dilemmas fascinating.

Life Itself is about stories layered within stories and on top of stories ~ it is a tragic yet beautiful layer cake of stories. It’s full of despair, yet love shines through too. You think you can’t bear any more and then… it’s good again. I loved this movie so much I wanted to stay up forever and write my own stories. That’s how I feel when I watch or read something that resonates with me on a deep emotional level.

I highly recommend it if you’re doing okay right now and won’t be triggered by death. I’ll be doing more movie reviews soon and am in the middle of a loooooong Stephen King novel, which is why my book reviews have stalled.

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11 responses to “Movie Madness

  1. Oh yes! “Life Itself” – a wonderful movie, you just have to settle in and go with it, my husband got a little teary eyed. Just lovely.

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  2. Movies are a great diversion/distraction from the chaos.

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  3. I was equally puzzled by the Brittany -loser romance. Not gonna watch the tear jerker, might have to wait until 2021! Thanks for the summary, that took a ton of time, and was very helpful 🙂

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  4. Nice choice of movies! I was wondering if you watched Ladybird or Life of the party by chance? I heard they were hilarious, that’s why

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  5. I tried watching Curb Your Enthusiasm because I really like that kind of humour, but the cinematography style annoyed me so much that I just couldn’t stick with it.

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