Gin Rummy [A-Z Games]

Note: I’m doing the April A-to-Z challenge without signing up or linking back to the main site.

Gin Rummy is a super fun and easy card game for two people. There are several ways to play as you can see by visiting the link. The players decide if the game will end at 100 points or whenever. You go with your best shot at sets, based on the cards you hold at the start. The idea is to make complete sets within your 10 cards, before your opponent does, and have no cards outside a set. You can go for 3 or 4 of a kind, or runs in the same suit. Aces are low in gin. ♦️

I like playing straight gin because that’s how I played with my mom growing up. It’s simple and uncomplicated. You can have a conversation during the game without losing focus because after a few draws and tosses you’re usually only waiting for one or two specific cards to finish up. I have fond memories of playing gin rummy with Mom, along with Chinese Checkers, which we also played a lot ~ 3 triangles each, using up the whole pie. This makes a long game and is not for lightweights. I hardly ever play cards now because there are so many board games people prefer. ♟

Please tune in tomorrow when I will blog about Hangman.


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13 responses to “Gin Rummy [A-Z Games]

  1. Used to love playing auction rummy which involved two packs of cards and your needed at least four players to make it interesting. The idea was if the discard was one you wanted and it wasn’t your turn, you could bid for it up to a maximum of five cards. The idea though was to get rid of all your cards, so often we used to gang up on someone by bidding for cards we didn’t want and leave them with a fistful. Aces counted as 15 unless you had the 2 or 3 of the same suit. Highest ‘score’ was around 240 as he’d been saving aces and had 7 but nothing to go with them and also had a load of picture cards which had been in the ‘bid’ collected.

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  2. I’ve played a LOT of gin rummy! I used to know how to play Hearts and Bridge too. I learned when I was a kid, hanging out with the adults on the communal patio of our 8 unit “digbat” appartment building. Way, way back in the 70s, when every other song on the radio was The Doobie Brothers😂💌

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  3. Mom says that she and Dad played gin rummy every night while she was expecting me. I guess when she was in the hospital after I was born, Dad got rid of the scoresheets because he didn’t want her to know that, at a penny a point, she would owe him like $1000 (this was 1956, when that was a lot of money, not that it isn’t now…).

    Mom taught all of us to play after Dad died so she would have someone to play against. She also taught my brother Pat (her child with her second husband) how to play, because my stepfather didn’t play.

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  4. I vividly remember my Nanna teaching us to play Gin Rummy.

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  5. My hubby and I used to play gin when we were dating but haven’t played it in a while. I think we are going to ahve to give it a try. Maybe tonight. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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  6. The one thing I miss: A card game with someone else. As my mom says, these stay-at-home days are perfect for long games of Canasta (a gin rummy relative).

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