Field Hockey [A-Z Games]

Field Hockey

Note: I’m doing the April A-to-Z challenge without signing up or linking back to the main site.

I don’t know anything about Field Hockey. I assume the pic shows correct equipment, which I googled. What I do know is when I googled it, lots of photos appeared. Some were men playing together and some were women playing together. As best I could tell (though nowadays who the hell knows, amirite?), there were no pics of mixed gender field hockey play.

Interesting! I find that very interesting. The reason is because back in 1978, in Illinois, when I was a senior in high school, some group of total farking idiots thought it would be a fantastic idea to have boys and girls play field hockey together. At the same time. Little girls like me with big guys over 6 feet tall and 200+ pounds. Sounds great, right? The total farking idiots congratulated themselves for promoting gender equality. What could go wrong with this brilliant plan? After all, boys and girls played ping pong together. Samesies, yes? 🙄

So, I was standing there in the end zone, or whatever it was, eating caramels from the vending machine and filing my nails… the things I normally did in gym class… when this huge gigantic boy crashed into me. Wtfff? I was knocked on the ground and couldn’t move my arm. The teacher called an ambulance. 😱

Turned out I “only” had a broken clavicle (right side). It could have been much worse. The doctor thought it was nuts we were playing field hockey with boys. My parents had to leave work and come get me. What I didn’t know until later is that I had my 15 minutes of fame in school. As they took me out in a wheelchair, my eyes were closed and I’d bitten my lip, so there was a trickle of blood from my mouth. Peeps wondered if I was dead! It was very exciting!

Anyway, I had to wear this sling/cast thing for weeks, but I removed it early and my bone never healed properly. Or maybe I’d always have a lump there, idk. That’s the side of my neck/shoulder which hurts the most now, but they say it’s unrelated. In X-rays, my neck itself is all crooked. The boy did apologize to me in the hall later on, but you know… it wasn’t his fault. He was just a big ox. It was totally the fault of the farking idiots who wanted to integrate the sports. Morons!!! 😡😡😡

Please tune in tomorrow when I will blog about Gin Rummy.


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13 responses to “Field Hockey [A-Z Games]

  1. Some sports are not meant for mixed gender play.

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  2. That’s also the problem with boys “identifying” as girls and being allowed to play girls’ sports. Suddenly they’re winning everything and leaving the girls, many of whom worked their entire lives to get a chance, in the dust. I suppose it won’t be a problem until a girl “identifying” as a boy takes the boys on in figure skating…

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  3. I played Field Hockey (with other girls) in P.E. class in high school too. They made me stop. Apparently I was a leetle too competitive😮 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I’m all for integration… but come on… smaller people & larger people should be separate groups.

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  4. I hate any sport where the players are all armed with sticks. It doesn’t sound like ‘fun’ to me.

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  5. Well I didnt know anything about field hockey. Actually I never knew anyone who played hockey. xo

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  6. I used to love hockey, was a captain when l was 11 in Australia. My father got jealous that l was doing something of my own that he demanded a of hockey players against cricket players purely to show the hockey players that cricket was the supreme game and that hockey was a girl’s game…………………………. HA!!

    There were not many times in my life that l whooped my dad’s ass!

    He never lived it down and never again did he say a bad thing about the game of the gods – ha ha Hockey!

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