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I fell asleep on the bus again,
Or maybe I dreamt I fell
Asleep on the bus.
When I woke
The sky was lavender,
And my hands were cold.
I gathered my things–
Apparently I had shopped–
And maneuvered past
The octopus of legs spread
Across the floor.
These buildings were familiar,
Yet stood asymmetrically
On streets with strange names,
As if a child had flung
All the parts to a game
Haphazardly across a board.
I asked a man for our address,
But he stared uncomfortably.
My words made no sense;
They scattered like coins.
My bag grew too heavy–
I stopped and peeked in.
There were luscious red fruits
That smelled of ripe flesh,
Orchids, and death. Spiders
Danced on their mottled skin.
I left the bag on a bench:
My burdens, my sins.
Soon after, I turned a corner
And found our house, perfect
And clean, but you were gone.
I lay down on our bed,
Falling into
A dreamless sleep.


What Do You See? (Sadje’s #24)

Image from Pexels.

A friend in a poetry workshop shared this challenge with me from a few weeks ago: write a poem with only one fantastical element. “Dreamless” is my response. The one element of magical realism is the image of familiar houses placed crookedly on streets with strange names.

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon

18 responses to “Dreamless

  1. I am not into reading poetry these days but this was so interesting I couldn’t stop until I had finished.

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  2. Wow Paula, you have captured the surreal aspects of dreams so well. Thanks for participating in the prompt.

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  3. You are deeply familiar with public transportation, I see. “Octopus of legs” is the most perfect image of sprawling passengers I have ever read! ❤

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  5. WP tried to hide this poem from me but I’m on to their tricks!
    I love the imagery and uncertainty! Wow!🤩😻

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  6. Wonderful. You really captured that disorientation of the familiar in a dream well.

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  7. Very nicely done 🙂

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  9. There’s definitely a feeling of disorientation here. Good poem, Paula!

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