Talk On The Street…

Street view

Well the talk on the street
Says you might go solo
A good friend of mine
Saw you leavin’ by the back door
I need to know (I need to know)
I need to know (I need to know)
If you think you’re gonna leave
Then you better say so

– Tom Petty / “I Need To Know”

Solitaire is my game these days (coming up, in fact, on Day S) as I isolate from the world in my apartment. My street view has been updated since the last Fandango challenge when I lived in Costa Mesa. I moved in December to a shiny new place with all good vibes and no bad memories. The pretty waterfall masks the noise of the usually very busy street, but of course lately it’s been much quieter. Still, there is traffic throughout the day and night… even now, Sunday morning.

I like it a lot here. Moving (though always a pain) was a great idea for me. BC, we had a gym and a sauna, which were really nice. There are also tennis courts and jacuzzis, plus it’s a better area to walk around in. If I want to drive over to Huntington Beach to walk there, that’s a short hop. The beach is still relatively close as well. Of course, now everything is closed, including the State beach parking lots.

I’m super glad I didn’t end up having to do this isolation thing in my old dump of an apartment. That would have been even more depressing. Again, it’s not being alone most of the time that bothers me (I like to be alone); it’s first not having the routine of an office to go to every day to feel useful and productive and second not being able to visit family occasionally… those missing pieces of my life are huge. As far as friends, shopping, restaurants, etc. ~ that all I’ve been dealing with okay. Work and family are the big deals.


Image is my own.

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10 responses to “Talk On The Street…

  1. Very well written 🙂

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  2. Very nice!

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  3. awww I get it. Same here, thank god I can work from home, but I miss my family, especially my niece and nephew. I’ve seen my sister once in two weeks, I’ll be seeing my mom on wednesday, hopefully. I am planning on going there to visit her because I miss her. xxxx

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